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Unprecedented secret for getting backlinks

Uprecedented Secret Revealed!

How to get tons of backlinks to your website!

This secret apparently known only to some few people around. first, let me ask you: how much would you pay for more than 1,000 one way backlinks to your website? I guess it will be around 500$-5000$, depending on the quality of the websites.

Now i'll show you how to get that for a less than 200$, or even for nothing if you will be the one to do the work, which in my opinion is also fun! keep reading, my unprecedented secret in a couple of paragraphs.

The method for achieving such amount of backlinks is to give something that have high demand for free, and put a link to your website with the text "Provided by ..." at the bottom. Now, the free thing you give can be anything, and you won't be having to create it yourself.

Some Ideas
Here are some ideas for things you can give for free:

Articles or eBooks
Services like our ASBOX! :)

You can always pay talented people to create the free things, find those people in forums like Digital Point or go to Rent A Coder to find someone who will build you a software / free script.

The better than all method!
The answer is hidden in skins, yes... skins are a great tool to get tons of backlinks. Here is the approach to act by for getting good results:

1. Find a great web designer

2. Find a free CMS script which people uses and usually can be found on websites that have lots of traffic, a good example is phpBB. You may try to look for other forums / blogs / CMS scripts and find those ones that are popular but have already ugly skins created for them.

3. Pay the designer to create a custom skin, tell him that you are going to offer his skin for free. You may also want to give him credit, but you don't have to.

4. At the bottom of the skin, place a direct link to your website and add the text "Provided by [Your Website Name]"

If it won't give you traffic, at least it will give you tons of backlinks that will constantly grow as more and more people will use your skins.

Article Source: Single Page Marketing

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