Senin, 21 Juni 2010

How to send photos online to your loved ones in INDIA? is an online digital photo printing service based in Chennai, India. We deliver photo prints, corporate gifts, photo greetings, photo mugs and photo T-Shirts to you anywhere in India, within 2 days. Apart from providing digital photo printing and delivery to our customers we also encourage users to register and upload their digital photos and then share and order our photo gifts online.PrintCamp offer 10 FREE photo prints by signing up and 10 more FREE for referring each friend.

With the fast-paced, rapid growth of technology in our lives, people are switching over to using the Internet over conventional means. As online content is accessible by anyone, from anywhere in the world, more people are integrating their lives online. Since it’s foundation in 2006, PrintCamp has been transforming how people interact with their memories.

PrintCamp provides a platform for social expression through which one can upload, share, organize, print and preserve their photographic memories. Focusing in bridging geographical barriers PrintCamp offers personalized photo gifts, helping people share deeper relationships with their loved ones.

A couple of clicks away and one can have top quality prints delivered to a doorstep of their choice, in India, from anywhere in the world, in just 2 days!! Assuring quality with low processing rates and convenience, one’s precious time and energy is saved.

Keeping in mind that a picture is worth a thousand words, PrintCamp says it all.

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