Senin, 28 Juni 2010

The Economics of On-Hold Advertising identifies "on-hold advertising" as one of the most interesting newly-coined phrases in the English lingua franca. It is about informative telephone-based pre-recorded business messages targeted at callers waiting on hold which convey updates of promotions and new products and/or services to callers.

That, utilizing every second available during business calls to advertise a particular subject, makes perfect economic sense. However, the set-up cost might not make a good economic sense to small and start-up businesses since a basic package or a simple hardware of on-hold advertising costs no less than $800.

At $800, business-savvy minds should opt for more flexible alternatives that not only serve the creation of personalized on-hold messages but also suit on-air advertisement needs when required.

I would recommend a combination of voice recorder, voice changer, music morpher and video morpher softwares to perform the on-hold, as well as on-air and, especially online tasks up to the mark. All should be priced at less than $500, even for the most advanced features.

More often than not, an adequate voice changer software also includes a voice recorder and an extensive library of pre-set voice talent. That would sufficiently meet the requirement of personalized and professional messages on hold, on air and online. Besides, should there be a need for complementary audio, the music morpher would easily help mix and match clips at will and joining those with recorded messages of choice. The video morpher makes it possible to produce several movie messages for various occasions and locations from only one-time recording thanks to its powerful capability of modifying both video and audio.

So, it is obvious that technology has permeated every corner of life making it easier and more comfortable for everybody, and business is not an exception at all. The economical cost and effective performance that computer software brings to on-hold advertising can be seen as a very good illustration.

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