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Make Big Money Blogging: Fact Or Fiction?

Some call it "blogging for dollars" or "blogging for profit", and if you've spent any amount of time on the internet, you've no doubt heard stories about people cashing in with their blogs.

So, if people can make money with blogs, the next logical question that comes to mind is whether it is possible to actually make a decent living blogging or become rich doing it. The answer to this question is yes, if you are willing to put the time and effort necessary for building a successful business with blogs.

There are several different ways to make money with blogs, both directly and indirectly. The main ways are:

1. You can place "contextual advertising" on your blogs, such as Google ads or Yahoo ads where the advertiser pays every time their ad is clicked through, and you get a percentage of that amount.

2. You can place affiliate links to products or services directly on your blogs, for which you receive a commission when someone clicks through and buys something.

3. You can create blogs for the purpose of driving traffic to a separate website of yours. You write blogs that are relevant to the information on your website, include a link to your site, and when someone reads your blog they will probably click on that link because it directly relates to what they were just reading about on your blog. If they end up buying something on your website, you have just made a sale as a result of your blog, and you did it without paying for advertising!

4. Blogs that have links back to your website have the potential to help that website achieve a higher listing in the search engines, thereby giving you more free visitors and potentially more sales for whatever you are selling.

I'm sure you can see how all of these things put together could bring you some money, but what about the question of making BIG money with blogs? This is possible with what I call the "exponential" factor. Let me explain. Say you create a blog about a certain subject that brings you a small profit every month. There's nothing to stop you from repeating the same process for dozens or even hundreds of different subjects. If each one of your projects made a little bit of money every month, think of the possibilities when all those money makers are added up. You can see where I'm going with this, and how profitable blogging could potentially be.

If you want to start making big money blogging it doesn't mean that you have to do all the work yourself from scratch. I don't know about you, but I certainly don't have the time to sit around creating blogs all day long! Luckily, there are programs available to help you automate the process of creating multiple blogs, and offer detailed help about how to get all the different revenue streams set up and generating income.

If you are serious about making money blogging, I would recommend that you purchase a system that walks you through everything, step by step. It's definitely worth the small investment, and will pay for itself quickly with your first couple of projects.

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Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

Blogging for Business – Some Helpful Tips

A lot of businesses are now conducted online. With an internet business, your service or products can reach different parts of the world especially if your website can attract much traffic. In order to establish one of the best online businesses, the usage of blogging for business is of utmost importance.

You can make use of blogs in order to promote your business today and in the years to come. This is not an easy task and so you will need all the help and some tips to keep you on the right track.

Here are some useful tips that you can incorporate in your internet business:

• Back links are valuable – to promote your business through the use of blogs, you have to give importance to back links. The blog post contents should be able to incorporate appropriate back links. By doing so, you can attract much traffic to your website in a more effective manner.

• You must learn to use the right keywords – all the contents of your blogs should have the right or appropriate keywords. Effective blogging can also place your internet business among the top searches in the results of search engines.

• If you plan to use blogs for your internet business, you must be able to make posts regularly. If you forget to make posts, your blogs will not be very effective for your internet business. Sporadic bloggers have no place on the net and so if you want your efforts to be rewarded, make sure that you post blogs frequently.

• Your blogging efforts will be rewarded if you post frequently and if the contents are interesting. Through effective blogging, you can establish the reputation of your online business and not only that, you can shout to the world your business expertise. If you want to gain a positive reputation, make sure that you post interesting blogs that are related to your business.

Those are some simple tips that you can use for blogging. Indeed, blogging can be very useful for online business but only if you can post effective blogs.

At present, many owners of online businesses are now making use of blogs to promote their products and services. If you want to become a blogger and at the same time a successful owner of a business, try to learn how to make effective blogs.

Some say that blogs are not that hard to compose. To some individuals, it may be their way to share their personal experiences and everyday life. But according to some expert bloggers, you also need to consider the interests of the readers and online researchers. Remember that once you start posting blogs in your business' website, you have to post frequently (at least once or twice a week) so that your customers and readers will not forget you or your business.

So what are you waiting for? Learn to make blogs now and become an effective blogger. Your business will surely benefit from the blogs that you post. If you want to learn more about effective blogging for business, you can easily conduct researches online because you can find a wealth of information there.

Blogging for business is one of the most effective means of making your business a success. Start making blogs now and you can earn more profits in the future.

Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

How Blogging Impacts Mainstream Marketing

Because I'm a journalist and copywriter who also reads and writes blogs, people who don't use the Internet as much as I do have started to ask me some searching questions of late. Some of them sound worried.

They have heard a lot about blogging and the impact it could have on traditional marketing.

One person even asked me (perhaps a little concerned) if PR teams will be replaced with bloggers. I don't see it, I reassured them.

PR is also about managing people and that will always be important. The mainstream media isn't about to disappear, and the majority of the population probably couldn't care less about blogs. For all the hype, blogging should be seen as a potential addition to a marketing portfolio.

The place blogging may have its biggest impact is on areas of the trade press.
There is a revolution in publishing taking place, sparked by the new forms of advertising such as Google ad sense. This has made it possible for someone running a blog site, with a staff of one and overheads of almost nothing, to start earning a living from their publishing.

If the blogger can get readers, then Google places the ads (relevant to the content) – and you have a publishing business. This gives a lot of people an incentive to provide great content – so that they get more readers, and more money from ads.

It's just like the traditional press, but without the need for offices, advertising sales teams, HR departments etc.

This works best in niche areas. Soon, there may not be much need for magazines about new gadgets, or mobile phones, or ride-on-lawn mowers or whatever. Because the blogs have it covered, providing more up-to-date information and readers who are ready to buy – and can simply click on the advert.

The everyday bloggers have a new-found power and are not about to go away. Some blogs now get millions, even tens of millions of readers a day. They are rivalling the mainstream media – and if the US government can't control them, what chance does a small company or even a big enterprise have?

Companies and blogs

It's still pretty early days for companies using blogs, and the whole thing is evolving. It will probably settle down into one more piece in the jigsaw, another communication channel that companies can use.

The style used in company blogs needs to be less "written by committee" and more personal and spontaneous.

Companies that try to use too much subterfuge in the blogging world are exposing themselves to a potential backlash. There's a great emphasis on honesty in the blogging world – for example bloggers will often end a post with a "disclosure" note which mentions any conflict of interest.

At a simple level, blogging can be seen as simply another way of publishing information on the Internet. It's useful because it is so fast and it's easy to get a range of people involved quite quickly.

However, there are real skills involved to good blogging. Not only does the writing have to be engaging, colourful, funny, informative etc, but the writer also needs to take account of search engine optimisation techniques – which basically means using the right keywords to ensure the blog shows up in the search engines.

At it's most sophisticated, blogging is being used to create "viral marketing" campaigns – to create a "buzz" around a product as though this were coming from ordinary people. This is a whole new field of marketing / advertising…

Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010

How To Make Money From Blogs

The number of blogs has risen from a few thousand in 2004 to hundreds of thousands today. And when anything grows at this pace there has to be a reason. And just in case if you are still guessing the reasons, then you have probably denied yourself the opportunity of making thousands of dollars with a least minimum effort.
Income Sources for bloggers:

1. Ads: This is the most common way that blogs make money. But blogs have come a long way from Adsense and BlogAds. That was a time when these were the only available options but now there are many other ways getting ads for your blogs and one of the most favored is Chitika’s eMiniMalls. Others include Adgenta, Adbrite, AVN etc.

2. Sponsorships: Not many people had explored this avenue of revenue generation for blogs until recently when suddenly both, the bloggers as well as the companies realized that blogs could be an excellent way to advertise and sell their products. The sponsorships are generally on per-post basis.

3. Affiliate Programs: You can tie-up with various affiliate programs like Amazon.com, Clickbank.com, Linkshare.com etc. But these are not just the affiliates but they are just a few amongst the thousands that exist ranging from very small to very large.

4. Services: Bloggers can also make money by selling different types of stuff on their blogs or by providing services like eBooks or some courses or tele-seminars etc.

5. Writing blogs: There are people who need someone to write and post new material on their blogs regularly. If you have enough time then you can make money by writing for someone else’s blog. And if you have the proper knowledge of SEO then you can make a really cool amount of money doing so.

6. Though I won’t suggest you to take up this kind of earning method but recently I came across a couple of blogs that were actually making money from whatever people donated to them. They were offering eBooks and mp3s for free respectively. And well the option of how much to pay was open for visitors. You could even download stuff without paying even a penny.

7. Retailing: Of late there have been blogs that have been trying to sell merchandise too. You can find on sale objects like t-shirts, pottery, designer glassware and other stuffs like that. Though they have not seen much success, but with more publicity and better software support they are bound to become a huge success.

8. Consultancy: It is quite common for experts to start their own blogs for their own promotion but the trend has nowadays spilled over to bloggers with absolutely no background in consultancy making huge amounts of money by charging their visitors and clients in consulting business. This is more so because of the kind of reputation that they have built with their blogs. Blogs have the kind of power that can make you an expert on a certain topic overnight. Being an expert in a certain field can surely make you an overnight celebrity and quite rich too.

So guys happy blogging and money making. Hope even you now don’t miss out on all these numerous money making opportunities that blogs have thrown upon us.

Rabu, 27 Oktober 2010

Build Blogs Fast: Blog Creation

In blog creation, the goal is to provide another avenue of marketing for your business. However, do you really know what it takes to make the ideal blog? Do you know what ingredients must go into making your blog creation a success? You might not have thought about it, but there are some things that you must consider when creating a blog and in this article, we are going to discuss some things every blog has to have in order to become successful.

In blog creation, you want to build credibility with your readers. You have to let your readers know that you have the necessary qualifications to make the judgments and statements you do on the topic. You have to give them a reason to believe in what you are writing. This does not mean you have to go on and on about what gives you the qualifications, you just need to state somewhere why you feel you are the expert in your field.

You then need to invoke authority in the topic as well. Ok so you have established what qualifications you possess to give your opinions on the subject, but you need to invoke authority by writing about them in insightful and knowledgeable ways. Back up your opinions or statements with some references if at all possible.

In blog creation, you also want to make sure you have a high passion for the topic. Any person reading your blog posts will be able to tell if you do or do not carry passion. It is important to love what you have to say and say it with enthusiasm and intense passion. It will definitely shine through in your posts.

You will also want a blog that contains some personality. Reader definitely do not want to read anything that is dull or boring. You need to give them a reason to keep reading if you want your blog creation to become a success. It is important to remember that you are writing for humans and no robots, throw in some humor, we all love a good laugh.

Maintain your blog with regular posts. Visitors and readers look for reliability and consistency. If it might be awhile between posts, make a post saying so and tell them why. People are much more understanding when they know what is going on, then if you simply let the blog go for a month or two.

The last few things you need in order to make your blog creation successful are empathy, reality, and uniqueness. These three things together can literally make or break your blog. Empathy means touching your audience, interacting with them, making them feel like and understand that you have been right where they are in life, no matter what topic you are right about. You need to cater to the needs and interests of your readers in order for them to understand what you are saying.

Keep your blogs real, refrain from writing a fiction novel. People want real and up to date information. Lastly, do not provide your readers with the same information and ideas that they can find on any given website or blog on the internet. Make sure what you have to say is unique and professional.

Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010

The Rating Blog –The Ultimate Destination for Internet Marketing and Online Business Enthusiasts

If one dreams of making it big in Internet marketing and remain consistently successful in whatever online business one chooses, then a visit to The Rating Blog is a must. The Rating Blog is one of the best and fastest growing online business information and advice providers. One can depend on this SEO top-rated blog to give genuine, methodical and realistic information about online entrepreneurship and the methods of going about it. Though a comparatively new blog, having been created by one of the best wizards of online business, it has touched great heights of popularity and is still growing in leaps and bounds.

The Rating Blog is an online business feature-enriched blog. It is an online entrepreneurship enthusiast’s paradise. It has a number of sections: Blog, The Online Business Handbook, Money Maker Monday, Asking Alan, Interviews, Articles, About and Advertise. All these sections contain highly tested information about online business thus making this SEO blog a favorite amongst Internet marketing blogs.

In the Blogs section, one can expect to find posts on a variety of general as well as business oriented topics. One can expect to land up with some valuable advice and opinions on blog marketing along with internet marketing. The Online Business Handbook is a must-read for online business enthusiasts. It provides reliable, easy to implement, tested information and instructions to achieve success in the online business world. One needs to supplement information provided in this ace marketing blog with that provided in The Online Business Handbook to get a complete command over online business procedures, strategies and tactics.

The Money Maker Monday section is another highly popular feature of The Rating Blog that makes this Internet marketing blog unique. This consists of a series of weekly podcasts where the creator of The Rating Blog gives expert online business advice. The Asking Alan section also consists of a series of podcasts similar to Money Maker Monday, but the difference is that in this section the questions asked by the business enthusiasts are answered. These features make The Rating Blog go high up in the rankings of SEO Blogs. The Interviews section presents interviews of online business industry experts. The interviews exemplify what it takes to accomplish complete success in online business.

The Articles section of this complete business blog features the best articles pertaining to Internet business success. The administrators of The Rating Blog have taken the trouble to collect the best business information available in the Internet world and put it in the Articles section. This is quite a challenging task even for search engine experts. The Rating Blog has one of the highest network traffic hitting it. Hence advertising in its Advertise section can get a company very high response.

On the whole, there are innumerable business blogs offering alluring services to online business enthusiasts. If one wants to take Internet marketing or online business seriously and get one hundred percent returns in terms of money and time then The Rating Blog is the place for him/her.

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Discover The Power Of Blogging

The dark circles under his eyes are evidence that he has been pecking away at the keyboard again. Night after night he sits, mesmerized by the computer screen surfing forum after forum filling the blank spaces with his comments and opinions about senseless issues, political debates, religious matters, business strategies and shopping options. All the while his marriage is deteriorating, his children are growing up and away, his business is wavering on the brink of bankruptcy, spiritual matters are being neglected, all to which he is oblivious.

One day he happens upon an internet forum about blogging. “What in the world is blogging?” he wonders.

Suddenly he becomes enthralled with a new mission. He has to get to the bottom of this. With all the time he has spent on the internet communicating with people throughout the world, he has never heard of blogging. He wants to learn everything there is to know about it...

Blogging is a relatively new phenomenon that is truly undefined due to the fact that it is not yet what it will become. Currently weblogs teeter on the edges of interactive journalism vs. personal archiving and information sharing. Different bloggers have varying purposes and goals. Some aim to record their thoughts, some to share resources and information and some to tell stories. Blogging has also been used as a tool for educating readers and for providing customer service and communications as well as serving as a tool for self-expression.

With Google’s introduction of the AdSense content-targeted advertising program, you can even generate some revenue from your blog as you get paid per click for Google Ads accessed from your blog. Don’t create a blog on the premise that you’re going to get rich from advertising payments or you may be sorely disappointed. Rather, view the ad program as an added bonus for the time spent filling your blog with useful content, or as getting paid a little for doing something you enjoy.

The best way to get started blogging is just to jump in and get your feet wet. Decide what you want to accomplish through your blog. Is it a tool for getting things off your chest? Sharing your thoughts and feelings? Providing information? Tracking events?

Reading through various blogs will provide you with some ideas for your blogs purpose and for developing your writing style.

Find a blogging medium that you are comfortable with. There are some options out there for free blogs and there are some paid services that are very reasonable, some for commercial and some for non-commercial use.

Probably the quickest and easiest way to start your own blog is to use a hosted service like Blogger - http://www.blogger.com. Getting started with Blogger is a three step process that you can take care of right now. You simply create an account, name your blog and choose a template and you’ll be ready to get started making blog entries. Once you get comfortable with the basic process of blogging, be sure to visit the “Help” section of the Blogger website to learn more about advanced uses and blogging options.

Minggu, 24 Oktober 2010

Blogging for Business

Blogs seem to be everywhere now, even making it into the dictionary. So what is a blog and what can it do for your home based business? A blog is simply an online journal that, when used strategically, and boost your sales and allow to you network more effectively.

Blogs can be a simple method for advertising and showing off what you have to offer to the wide range of internet users. More and more people are turning to blogs to gain information on specific topics or products, and you can use that blog-surfing to your advantage by tailoring your blog messages to that audience. This method of boosting sales can save you a lot of money over other media outlets.

However, there is an art to blogging for business so that your blog does not read like one big catalog of press releases or sales pitches. Learning effective ways to offer your consumers information while leading the reader into what you have to offer takes effort. Blogging for business means that you keep your focus on what your consumers are looking for from your home based business. This way you will keep your blogging for business fresh and interesting for your clientele.

So how do you get started blogging for business? If you have no experience with blogs at all, you should check out various blogs on the internet. They really are everywhere, and they span a range of topics including politics, fashion, music, business, technical information, and more. If you have an interest, there is a blog out there for it. See how other companies are blogging for business, and take note of the language used and the effective use of the blog to increase networking and sales.

As you take note of how others are blogging for business, you can begin practicing by creating a simple blog for yourself. If you are unfamiliar with the technical aspect of blogging for business, you may want to start out by creating a personal blog using a simple blogging site like BlogSpot or Live Journal. These sites allow you to start a blog for free, and you will get used to blogging on a regular basis. Plus these sites allow you to blog without having to learn the technical language of html, which for most people can be rather complex.

Once you get your basics down pat, you can begin blogging for business. Promoting your home based business with a website is important, but creating a blog can add a whole new dimension to your home based business website. Not only can you voice your opinions on trends to watch in the industry and offer advice for your consumers, but blogs also allow your consumers to respond. Blogging for business will allow you to see directly how your thoughts and practices are affecting your consumers.

Blogging for business is a new and inexpensive way for your to promote and network for your home based business. If you are unfamiliar with blogs, then do your research and practice before you begin blogging for business. If you don’t have a way with words, then you may want to work with a writer that can help you with your copy for your blog. After all, when you are blogging for business, you want to make sure your blog represents your home based business while also generating a network of ideas and thinking.

Sabtu, 23 Oktober 2010

The Importance Of Content – Adding A Weblog To Your Site

Continuing my theme of how as a small business you can improve your search engine results. In a previous article I extolled the virtues of article writing and in this one I shall consider the practicalities and usefulness of adding a weblog to your site in order to drive more traffic to your web pages.

I am presuming that you have optimised your site, added numerous pages of content and update or add to that content at least on a weekly basis. All of this I did with our own website but still the search engines only visited the site about every 4 – 6 weeks. So although our content was being added to sometimes on a daily basis I couldn’t induce the Google spider in particular to visit the site more often even though I was submitting sitemaps to Google.which informed it of these updates.

I then started reading about the benefits to businesses of having a weblog attached to the site. SEO’s were and still do wax lyrical about how search engines just love weblogs. On this basis I decided to give it a go and looked around at the various free blog sites and finally settled on http://www.blogger.com as this site allowed the blog to be integrated into the website and offered a multitude of templates to choose from. So I chose my template and went through the process of integration with the website which is a very simple and easy process to follow. The next step was to start writing the blog. Very quickly I discovered that it was the ideal vehicle for announcing new services, new products and new branch openings as well as informing the readers of our day to day activities and experiences. All of it is excellent content and the SEO’s were quite correct in that the search engine spiders do love it. So much so that the googlebot spider visits everyday to update the web pages and the weblog. This now means that when my content changes or new pages are added they are immediately indexed by Google. This has done wonders for the search engine placement of the site.

The second benefit that SEO’s talked about was the increased number of links that having a blog would bring in. This part I didn’t quite believe as I couldn’t see how it would do this. I am still not certain of how and why it does attract links but the truth of the matter is that it does. The articles and the weblog seem to inhabit a world of their own and they certainly take on a life which you have no control over. However the combined effect is to boost your own content, attract search engines to visit your site frequently, increase the number of backlinks to your site and increase the number of visitors. All of which are of tremendous benefit to you as a business.

The latest figures I saw published for the number of businesses with weblogs was only 2%. So all you small businesses out there with a website, get writing articles and add a weblog to your site. Keep that updated, preferably on a daily basis, and you will soon see dramatic effects both on your visitor numbers and your search engine placement.

Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

Where To Get Content For Your Blog

Blogs and websites that have rich content are always going to do better than those that don’t. I am sure you wondered where these blogs get their ideas, views and opinions. It is easy to write about something you are passionate about- but to do that most days of the week is extremely hard, since you would probably run out of things to talk about or you simply don’t have the time. So how do they do it? Where do they get their ideas? Do they get help from tools and other sources available on the Internet?

The best way would be to provide the content yourself, and this is of utmost importance if your goal is to try to create traffic to an affiliated link. You’ll definitely want to sell the idea about the services and products beforehand. What that will do is set the stage or the “mood” and give your recommendations authenticity.

Expounding on the uses of a particular service or product, with your own likes and dislikes, achieves this naturally. With an affiliate program, it is a good idea to have a personal anecdote that goes hand in hand with the product or service.

Using private label articles is a viable alternative. PL articles abound in the Internet and you can always buy some that are connected to your central topic and then place them in your blog. One way of maximizing a purchased PLA is to cut it down into several pieces, thereby maximizing its content.

Utilizing RSS feeds to post on blogs is becoming very popular, although not everyone is familiar or willing to learn about RSS feeds. The advantage to an RSS feed is that your blog is automatically updated with fresh news and content. The disadvantage is that it is not unique content and that anybody interested in the feed will likely click out on a story that appeals to them.

Putting in your very own content is the best way to go. One way to find fresh ideas is to look for an appealing news article and then do a summary write-up based on it. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but you and your readers will find it the most rewarding way. If you feel that you just don’t cut it as a writer or you genuinely don’t have the time, then hire someone else to do it for you. There are many services out there who provide a “blog service” which includes daily posts of unique, engaging content and you can instruct these content writers as to where you want the links in your blog pointing to- so that any burden of cost in terms of hiring them should be offset by the gains in your increased visitor base, the marketing of your other websites and earnings from your affiliate programs.

These are the best ways to generate content for your blog. It is advisable not to be going with the automated path. If you do decide to do that, you will probably have plenty of content- but the substance of the text is unlikely to increase traffic for you. Putting in some good, old-fashioned content work will yield better results for you. As the expression goes- “you get out what you put in….”!!

Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

Get Free Traffic To Your Website Through Smart Blogging

Once you really start scaling out your new internet marketing empire, one of the first major obstacles you are going to have to cross is what I refer to as the "Content Crisis". Everyone that I know, without fail who has built a successful series of small niche sites has at one time or another had to stretch a bit to add new, informative and entertaining bit of information to their website or blog. We all just hit a wall - it's really that simple. If you cover a particular topic thirteen ways from Wednesday - at some point, topic burnout sets in. Thankfully, the very basic dynamic nature of the web is your best friend, and you can set your site up to simply piggyback off of others within your niche when it gets a little bit sleepy..:-) Let's take a quick look at 2 of them.

1)RSS. Everyone who publishes online has some degree of knowledge (or should!) of RSS - which in our non technical parlance will simply refer to Real Simple Syndication. Essentially RSS, from a publisher's standpoint, simply allows you to aggregate and collect information from around the web in small chunks, usually in the form of headlines and small snippets of content, which you can publish on your site, and will update for you automatically as the originators of the content add more items. Essentially, your site will be augmented with free information and content, published by other people which keeps YOUR site updated with a free flow of good information, AND benefits the other publishers as well as their content is effectively syndicated around the web, extending their reach and circle of influence. A win/win for both parties, and your readers too!

2)Blog comments. Many smart marketers have been using this method for years, and it amazes me how many people I consult with are OBLIVIOUS to this great source of entertaining and interactive content you can enjoy on autopilot. A good blog has an engaged audience. An engaged audience wants to be heard. And the ability to comment, allows them to be. They will interact with YOUR content, with each other, and with industry news. The buzzword going forward in the online marketing space is undoubtedly COMMUNITY. Strong communities make for strong sites, and even stronger bank statements..:-) If you are running ANY form of advertising on your site, do not even consider turning "comments" off on a blog install. Yes it is a pain in the butt to manage. Yes you will get SOME spam, but thankfully not much due to great anti-spam plugins readily available to you for free. But NOTHING kills a conversation quicker than a monologue. Your blog comments are a great source of organic traffic from the search engines and social networks, as well as a compelling force in keeping your one time visitors coming back often, interested, engaged and entertained! Good luck and don't forget to ask questions if you have them..:-)

Are you a Guru Groupie? Enough! It's Time For You to STEP up & stake your OWN claim!

Rabu, 20 Oktober 2010

Blog Blaster

The Internet has become the fastest growing medium for finding products and services. Do you have a website but aren't happy with its performance among search engines and directories? According to study conducted by Ecommerce (Feb 2003), about two-thirds of online stores have unproductive search engines strategies, leaving customers frustrated and apt to do business with a competitor. If your customers can’t find you, how will they buy from you?
If your site is not appropriately optimized in accordance with widely established optimization standards (not key word spamming techniques likely to get you black-listed by major search engines), you might as well resign yourself to low web traffic and mediocre sales numbers. Many people don’t know or don’t quantify just how bad for business these conditions can be. You are losing business due to slow web pages and lack of targeted traffic.

If you are going to find success with Internet Marketing, you have to stay on top of the most effective trends in web marketing and also fully take advantage of them. The world of Internet sales and search engine ranking is unbelievably competitive. It is not enough to submit your web site to the search engines, you have to fight to reach the top and then fight even harder to maintain your position as top dog. There is a new software that can be used to to increase your web site performance, speed, and traffic. Blog Blaster submits your adverts to potentially millions of sites across the net, with the aim of boosting your traffic greatly. It provides site promotion and very targeted web site traffic. Blog Blaster automatically posts your ad to more than 2 Million Websites. You will receive thousands of targeted hits to your website as the software places your ad on blogs that go with your ad's category. Blog Blaster uses the XML-RPC interface to ping your blogs to the blog search engines. This is the preferred method to submit blogs to the directories. Thus search engine is informed that you have updated your content and that your listing should be refreshed. With this powerful software the potential to promote your sites on a numerous of targeted websites may prove to be invaluable. That would mean you would have millions of sites linking to your ad. Be among the first to use this brand-new method of online advertising and dominate the web with your ads!

Blog Blaster means an automated posts of your ads to more than 2 million websites. Your ads stay visible for a long time - daily submissions are not required. The software will automatically create thousands of links to your website. You Receive hundreds of targeted hits to your site every day from the links in the blogs. You can use Blog Blaster for as many ads as you like without limitation. You have to get on the bandwagon early if you are to reap the big rewards that are always seen by all early followers of a good thing.

Selasa, 19 Oktober 2010

Topic Selection a Key to Profitable Blogging

Blogs may have originated as a means of online journal writing and community building, but the use of this model won’t accomplish much for the online entrepreneur. Unless your cats are far cuter than every other bloggers’ or unless you are an amazingly interesting person with some tremendous writing talents, your personal blog will get lost in the chorus of voices that crowd the world of blogs. In order to making blogging profitable, one must select a good topic upon which to focus.

Topic selection is at the very root of blogging success. The idea is to choose a topic area in which you can be competitive. Optimally, you can find a blogging niche that is underserved yet has a high level of interest. This will allow you to attract a great deal of visitors more easily which, of course, translates into higher profit levels.

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the subject area for a “money blog.” First, one may want to attempt to find a subject area in which they have a personal interest, especially if they plan on writing their own content. This is because successful blogs require regular updates and it can become difficult to regularly produce quality information if one has no real interest in a topic. If someone opts to hire a writer to produce their blog posts, however, this is a far less important factor.

Second, one should strive to find a topic area in which interest is at least relatively high. You may be able to rule the search engines on the topic of “17th century wooden paperweights,” but there are so few, if any, people with an interest in the subject. Thus, that number one ranking in Google will not produce the kind of traffic stream you will need to turn a healthy profit. It may be more difficult to enter a more competitive marketplace, but the potential rewards are far greater, too. The key to this element of topic selection, however, is not just writing a blog on a hot topic. It is finding a field from which a healthy number of visitors can be culled.

Third, one will want to find a market that is underserved. Basically, you are looking for a strong disparity in the number of interested parties and the amount of readily available information. If you can find a topic in which many people are interested but that is not well-covered online, you will be sitting upon a potential blogging gold mine. It is perfectly acceptable to build a wonderful blog and to expend the effort to compete in a more crowded area, but this does require much more work. Finding an underserved niche and filling a hole in the marketplace is a much easier way to produce blogging revenue.

Choosing a topic for your moneymaking blog can be a challenging process. This first step, however, is probably one of the most important. The choice of a topic not only establishes the nature of the blog, it also (in large measure) determines its potential for success.

Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

The Rating Blog – A Top Ranking SEO, Internet Marketing and Online Business Blog

If one wants to reach dizzy heights in Internet marketing in a genuine and time tested manner then The Rating Blog should invariably be such a person’s place of online business pilgrimage. The Rating Blog is the favorite of the best search engines of the cyber world and, being a highly SEO acclaimed blog, it is frequently visited by some of the expert talents of online business from whom an online business dabbler can take valuable advice. This blog is attractive in its content and interaction with its visitors. It consists of the following sections: the Blog, The Online Business Handbook, Money Maker Monday, Asking Alan, Interviews, About, Articles and Advertise.

The creator of The Rating Blog is an online business expert who believes in showing a reliable way of achieving success in Internet marketing. According to him, there are no shortcuts to success, as many Internet marketing blogs falsely promise. Here, one can get invaluable assistance in starting and carrying on Internet business successfully. Blog marketing is fast catching on these days and the online community is infested with innumerable business blogs that offer highly useless information to which the inexperienced business enthusiasts get attracted. These are actually marketing blogs, whose main aim is just to make their blogs popular by attracting SEO traffic.

The Rating Blog is a business blog where people can get everything under the sun about online business. In the Blog section one can get current information about online business amongst useful information from other fields. In the About section one can get to know the author of The Rating Blog and find out how he feels he and his visitors are benefited by this Internet marketing blog. The Online Business Handbook contains A to Z information about online business.

In order to gain maximum benefit from this ace marketing blog one should first subscribe for this handbook that is available absolutely free, read it, visit the blog, subscribe via RSS and subscribe to the author’s newsletter. Attaining 100 % success in online business is explained in 3 simple steps. Selecting the web host, registering domain name, website promotion by buying traffic from some of the best search engines and SEO blogs and then monetizing one’s website traffic are amongst the major steps in achieving success in online business.

The Money Maker Monday and Asking Alan podcasts are unique features of this top-rated SEO blog. These are the podcasts through which the e-business expert keeps in constant touch with his visitors, clears their doubts and offers expert advice. The Interviews section of The Rating Blog consists of interview excerpts from people who have made it big in online business, so that beginners take them as examples and work their way to success. The Articles section consists of the best Internet business write-ups. In the Advertise section one can place advertisements of his/her company, as this is one the most frequently visited amongst the SEO blogs and the response to the advertisements can be overwhelming.

If one wants to reach dizzy heights in Internet marketing in a genuine and time tested manner then The Rating Blog should invariably be such a person’s place of online business pilgrimage. The Rating Blog is the favorite of the best search engines of the cyber world and, being a highly SEO acclaimed blog, it is frequently visited by some of the expert talents of online business from whom an online business dabbler can take valuable advice. This blog is attractive in its content and interaction with its visitors. It consists of the following sections: the Blog, The Online Business Handbook, Money Maker Monday, Asking Alan, Interviews, About, Articles and Advertise.

The creator of The Rating Blog is an online business expert who believes in showing a reliable way of achieving success in Internet marketing. According to him, there are no shortcuts to success, as many Internet marketing blogs falsely promise. Here, one can get invaluable assistance in starting and carrying on Internet business successfully. Blog marketing is fast catching on these days and the online community is infested with innumerable business blogs that offer highly useless information to which the inexperienced business enthusiasts get attracted. These are actually marketing blogs, whose main aim is just to make their blogs popular by attracting SEO traffic.

The Rating Blog is a business blog where people can get everything under the sun about online business. In the Blog section one can get current information about online business amongst useful information from other fields. In the About section one can get to know the author of The Rating Blog and find out how he feels he and his visitors are benefited by this Internet marketing blog. The Online Business Handbook contains A to Z information about online business.

In order to gain maximum benefit from this ace marketing blog one should first subscribe for this handbook that is available absolutely free, read it, visit the blog, subscribe via RSS and subscribe to the author’s newsletter. Attaining 100 % success in online business is explained in 3 simple steps. Selecting the web host, registering domain name, website promotion by buying traffic from some of the best search engines and SEO blogs and then monetizing one’s website traffic are amongst the major steps in achieving success in online business.

The Money Maker Monday and Asking Alan podcasts are unique features of this top-rated SEO blog. These are the podcasts through which the e-business expert keeps in constant touch with his visitors, clears their doubts and offers expert advice. The Interviews section of The Rating Blog consists of interview excerpts from people who have made it big in online business, so that beginners take them as examples and work their way to success. The Articles section consists of the best Internet business write-ups. In the Advertise section one can place advertisements of his/her company, as this is one the most frequently visited amongst the SEO blogs and the response to the advertisements can be overwhelming.

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Blog Mania

Do your friends and coworkers turn to you for fashion advice? Are you a bonafide guru when it comes to the hottest designers and trends? Or, maybe you’re a would-be political pundit—the next Walter Cronkite? You could simply have a riveting way of capturing the world around you. Whatever your talent, rant or position, you can share your inner most thoughts in a place called the “blogosphere”—all you need is an Internet connection.

To the uninitiated, a blog is a personal website that is updated frequently by the author and typically consists of commentary and favorite links, as well as photos, or anything else really. There are essentially two rules to blogging: 1.) update your site at least every 48 hours and 2.) make the content somewhat compelling. It seems like everyone has a blog nowadays; even William Shatner and Mariah Carey have one. I mean, everyone’s story is unique, right? And since you don’t need to know HTML, FTP or graphic design to create and maintain a weblog, it’s pretty much fair game for all. Blog hosting sites, such as Radio Userland ( http://radio.userland.com ), Blogstream ( www.blogstream.com ), squarespace ( www.squarespace.com ) and Blogger.com, provide software for easy updating of your blog—just download and you’re ready to start blogging.

Since there are literally hundreds of thousands of blogs, with millions of words blasted into cyberspace every minute, inevitably there are bad blogs. But not all blogs are filled with relentless rants and whining that was meant to be witty. Blogs are a great way to connect with like-minded—or not so like-minded—people, exchange tips and ideas, and promote services, products, projects and events. If you’re an artist or budding fashion designer, you can gain exposure for your work through an artist blog or fashion blog. Some bloggers even have “fans” and sell merchandise like t-shirts and bumper stickers imprinted with their blog site. Many companies also have jumped on the blog bandwagon to promote themselves and offer useful information to their customers. Some of the best blogs are from regular people living ordinary lives.

If you don’t have the time or the motivation to start your own, you don’t have to miss out on blog-o-mania. Many people enjoy reading other people’s blogs to engage in political discourse or learn about subjects they are interested in and to keep informed about what’s going on in a particular city. Food blogs are very popular. Find out—or share—cooking tips and recipes. Get in a good laugh or catch up on celebrity gossip with humor blogs and celebrity gossip blogs, or blogs hosted by celebrities themselves.

So, if you have an idea for a blog, don’t be shy. There’s bound to be an existing category for your blog—and if there’s not, you can create your own. That’s the beauty of blogging; there are infinite possibilities and millions of people who can access your site

Sabtu, 16 Oktober 2010

Six Quick Ways Your Website Benefits From Blogging

In this article I’m going to give you six ways that having a blog helps your website. There are a lot more reasons to start a blog, but this article has to do with the benefits to your website.

1. A blog on the same domain name, (as part of your website like yourdomainname.com/blog) can help you add fresh content to your website without having to know html. Fresh daily or even weekly content can keep the search spiders coming back more often. Writing your blog posts on the topics or search terms you want to be relevant for helps as well. Each blog post becomes another webpage targeted for your keywords.

2. A blog on the same domain name will also help you increase the number of pages that are included as part of your website. Content is king and having a ton of relative content will increase your chances of drawing visitors to your website.

3. A Blog on the same domain name or on a subdomain of your domain name or even one that is on another domain name can help you reach out to potential and existing customers with special offers, information, surveys, and more. You can add sales offers on the fly without having to call your web designer to add it for you.

4. A blog on a subdomain like blog.yourname.com is another way to go. Subdomains in most cases are treated as a separate domain name, yet can bring yourname.com more traffic as well. Here link popularity also kicks in a little. You of course link to yourname.com from blog.yourname.com but you can also trade links with other blogs but have them link to yourname.com instead of blog.yourname.com. Those links will be treated as one-way-inbound-links and that helps your page rank, but also brings you more traffic.

5. A blog on it’s own domain name can do that as well, but the link from it to yourname.com is going to carry more weight.

6. Getting the spiders to find all of your new websites. I find that because I have several blogs, if I want to get my or a client’s new website crawled by the search engines I can do it faster by adding a link to my blogs than I can by submitting to the search engines. Because I update my blogs daily, the spider crawls the blog a lot and follows the links there. I have seen this work for getting a website crawled within 3 days. This only works for a blog that has been regularly updated for awhile. (around 6 months or more).

As I said above, these are only the benefits you get from blogging as it applies to your website. What I haven’t mentioned is that by building up a steady readership on a blog, you will gain a lot of new customers. They get to know you and trust you by reading your blog every day.

I welcome all comments and suggestions. There are a lot of other advantages to your website, but the six I have just mentioned should be enough to get you started blogging right away!

Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

Get Ranked With Your Blog!

If you are currently frustrated with getting your website indexed let alone ranked you may find this article extremely useful. What we are about to share with you, won’t cost you a cent and it will get your site indexed if not ranked, a lot quicker than simply submitting your site to the major directories alone.

People use Blogs for all sorts of reasons, to include private thoughts, reminders, and advertising or simply to write something for the sake of writing. Fortunately Google provides this service free of charge, complete with template designs, hosting and a domain name. Once you have read the article we’ll redirect you to the right place to open your very own account. Moving on………..

Blogs have definitely grown in popularity, particularly in recent months. They have certainly become an effective method of successful marketing. If you are not familiar with the potential of a Blog, you are about to find out! To really maximize this method of marketing and SEO, there are several things you must implement for it to work. It will take you probably around 15 – 20 mins to set up, then it will be a matter of checking your messages on a daily basis, dealing with a influx of traffic, not to mention the possibility of increased revenues.

One of the most difficult tasks to achieving SEO is asking a top ranking site to link to you! They know they are in a good position and probably receive hundreds of messages each day with webmasters asking the same question. You have to admit this would probably drive you insane after a while too. However there is a much easier way to achieve this! And that’s with your Blog. You can also gain link popularity, your very own opt-in email list as well as indexing and ranking. Curious yet?

We know you are dying to discover how you can get your website ranked using your Blog. Firstly if you do not have a Blog you will need to open an account with Blogger.com It’s fast, free and easy. The on screen directions will lead you completely through the process. Even if you have a Blog with another company this article and the Blog itself, only applies to Blogger.com so we recommend you open an account as well.

The Blog in question is called Make Money with Your Blog

These are the titles of each post.

Blog Purpose
Use Your Blog To Index Your Pages
Allow Others To Post In Your Blog And Why
High Ranking Sites Linking To You, Using Your Blog
Increase Your Revenue Using Your Blog
Blog Content
Maximize the power of your Blog

Remember you can implement the above titles, completely cost free, so it’s definitely worth a look. To keep in line with the Article submissions you will need to visit the Blog to read the titles. There would be far too many characters to include in this article. These titles are not available for resell, but you are able to post comments and please feel free to post your URL’s, so if anything this could be a good chance for you to gain extra exposure at our expense!

Blog Address: http://blogsequalsdollars.blogspot.com/

Website Address: http://www.24kinanhour.com/aswb.htm

Thank you for reading our article, we hope you find this information of value. Be sure to visit us real soon, Article Search and Web Content; Your First Choice In Free Content.

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Making your blog work for you.

A blog can best be describes as a way of penning down your thoughts, opinions or ideas on any subject and putting it up on the web. The whole process of writing blogs is known as blogging. You can decide to have your blog on your own website or else you could take the help of any free blog service providers in which case your blog will be put up on their server. Once the first step of creating a blog and the regular work of updating it is on track then comes the most important stage of getting traffic to your blog.

Talk to others about your blog and soon you would have a huge traffic at your blog. Loads of money can be generated by adopting the right strategy for getting a large traffic to your blog. One has to market his/her site well as without enough traffic to the site it is not possible. You can join certain affiliate blog marketing programs wherein you can market your blog and increase traffic towards them. The right keywords are to be used so that the search engine easily takes the person looking out for some information to your blog.

There are many means of proper and effective affiliate blog marketing. First and foremost is to find blogs that are related to your blog/website. When you come across the right one, post your comments on the blog. Your comments should be just and fair. Once that is done link this blog to yours and soon you would see a lot of traffic heading your way.

There are various ways in which these affiliate blog marketing can help in monetizing your blog. Today there are many ways in which people make money through their blogs. There are various programs through which you get paid for clicking affiliate programs. You can also monetize your blog by offering paid newsletters. Selling space for advertisement is another way to monetize your blog. If your blog is one which attracts lot of traffic then selling space on it should not be a problem.

A few things should be kept in mind while trying to monetize your blog. One should understand that the secret of getting more traffic to your blogs. First of all what comes into the picture is the search engine. The search engine would bring about most traffic to your blogs. Secondly one must understand what it is that brings the traffic to your blog through the search engines and that is the keywords. You must be very careful while choosing the right keywords. There are many sites that help you in finding these keywords for you. They would even give you the ratio of number of sites to keywords. If the ratio is low the chances are better. To get on to the first page of the result of the search engine would better your chances to monetize your blog.

There are also various sites of which if you become an affiliate and refer visitors to them then you can earn a commission on these. These are just some of the ways in which by using affiliate blog marketing you can easily make your blogs work for you and can generate income through them.

Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

Blogging And Adsense - The Perfect Profit Partnership

At present we hear more often that adsense is used as an effective tool to display contextually relevant advertisements of a company or product on the website. If a visitor clicks on the advertisement to check it out the advertisement poster earns a percentage of revenue. Many webmasters are increasingly used the Google Adsense model as it is very effective and popular. Blogging is very good for Adsense profits. Let’s see in the next few paragraphs how blogging is used for increasing adsense profits.

You should use only niche blog sites that tend to generate more revenue through adsense. You may choose a niche site where sufficient number of advertisements is available to post. In case of items that don’t sell for a high price and so it is not viable to advertise on the sites as the advertisement costs are particularly high. You can use keyword tools like overture to find out the most common keywords and also how much is paid per keyword. The key here is to get your site ranked well on the search engines.

It should be very much remembered that if the advertisements are more related to the website’s content then your site has better chances of making it to the top of the search engines. You can also place the Adsense code in your website template to make maintenance of your websites easier. Along with blogging you can also choose use channels which will tell you which sites of yours are making more money in comparison to other sites. You should at least wait for a week after you post your advertisement on the website to see its effectiveness. You can configure web traffic from week to week to see which ad format works the best for you.

Another very effective thing to do is to integrate advertisements into the website. You can include the advertisement without any border so that the advertisement can be found by Google easily. You should post not more than 3 advertisements on each web page. You should be able to serve the most expensive ads at all times. You should also never make your advertisements scrollable. You will never see any scrollable advertisements on any website. The highest paid advertisements are normally posted on hotspots.

Along with blogging you can paste advertisements of the following sizes like 336 x 280 rectangle, the 300 x250 rectangle and the 160 x 600. Depending on the type of web browser and website the advertisements may appear in different sizes. You should experiment and track the results for each website.

Hence we see that blogging along with adsense works best for making your website more searchable by people and increase your revenues in the end. Blogging is used to post one way links to your website. You can use softwares like BlogSolution that can automatically post more than thousands of one way links to websites. You can also save your list of links to be used again in the future.

Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

The Ten Cardinal Rules Of Blogging

It was easier when I was running EMJ, since I had built EMJ slowly over 25 years so people got to know me better as the company grew. At SYNNEX, I have a whole new group of people who wondered about who I was. Blogging was one way to bridge this gap.

I am a life long learner. Doing SYNNEX threw me into a huge and fast learning curve. Part of me wants to share and inspire people. Blogging was a natural way for me to do this.

From this experience I came up with Jim Estill’s Ten Rules of Blogging:

1. Have a theme. This helps attract readers. It provides a framework around which to blog. I chose Time Leadership as my theme. I have had a long interest in the use of time and published an audio book on time management. I am constantly looking for new time reducing ideas to add to my present material.

2. Blogging obligates you to do more blogging. It is just like writing a newspaper column. If you have a lot of people reading your blog, they expect to see new material. I blog about 5 or 6 days per week and occasionally skip a day, but not often. I now know the pressure writers on deadlines must feel.

3. Blogging is a two-way street. You must respond to the comments you will get. The larger the blog following, the more comments you will get.

4. Blogging takes time. One of my time rules is – if I add something to my schedule that takes time; I need to delete something that takes the same amount of time. For me, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes per day and I write quickly and keep it brief.

5. Be legal. Of course this is obvious but I mean more than just being legal -- be careful of giving away information that could be considered to be business confidential. There have been cases where people have lost their job because the company does not like what has been said in the blog.

6. Keep a file of blog ideas. I keep an electronic file and a paper one. This material gives me something to say when sometimes I am not as inspired to blog. It can also be something that prompts me on writing in my blog. I know I often find myself thinking in terms of what might make good blog material.

7. Provide links from your blog. People who read blogs are used to being able to click on interesting topics and going right to the web page with the information. After all, this is the internet.

8. Only start blogging if you like to write. Even though I like to write, I do often find it to be a bit of a challenge.

9. Be authentic. I think the readers appreciate it. I think it would be hard to have a ghost writer do a blog. It would be difficult to appear real.

10. Be patient. Don’t expect 10,000 readers in the first month. Readership grows over time. I follow my stats, and I notice my weekend readership is about half my readership during the week.

And now that I have written this article – am I less mysterious?

Senin, 11 Oktober 2010

Blog And Ping Software Review

There are many people who ask as to which are the best blog and ping softwares around. Blog and ping softwares are softwares that can automatically post information and links from your websites to the blog sites so that they can be easily searched by sites like Google and Yahoo. The final result is that your site will become more famous and will reach the top rankings in Google and other search sites.

Wordpress and RSS to Blog are one of the most widely used softwares by people all over the world. They automatically send information about your site and links to all the blog sites at the click of a button. They can save your list of links for future use also. Another very good software to use for blog and ping is BlogSolution. BlogSolution is one of the most advanced blog, ping and SEO softwares around. It brings in results quickly and it is very effective. You can make your site easily searchable by search engines as the software posts your links directly on thousands of blogs in one go. The whole process can be achieved thorough the click of a button.

BlogSolution can at least creates hundred blogs a second using its own highly advanced blogging platform. BlogSolution is a multi manager as all your BS2 domains can be managed from a single place. It easily interlinks your sites and also posts one way links to your sites. There is a very good feature by the name of Smartjobs that automatically creates blogs in your absence.

BlogSolution indexes entries very quickly using the Indexing Turbocharger which leads to extremely fast indexing. BlogSolution can get more spiders than any other blog software at present. The interface of BlogSolution is extremely simple to use and is very user friendly. You can learn the full use of BlogSolution within a short period of time with its help tool. There are also video tutorials provided with the package. Using BlogSolution you can post hundreds of one way links on various sites.

If you use BlogSolution then you don’t need to use any other blogging solution. BlogSolution takes care of all your blogging needs and brings in positive results for your site very quickly. If you would like to test BlogSolution first before buying it then you can download demo software from the BlogSolution website. Once you are satisfied with its performance you can buy the software online paying through your credit card.

Hence we see that BlogSolution is the best blog solution ever found. The users of BlogSolution have found it to be extremely effective and also they would not like to use any other blog software. It is the next generation software that has taken the world by storm with its simple user interface and bringing in positive results for all its customers. Watch your income grow as more and more people can find your website on the search engines and order for products and services.

Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010

Blogging - Why It Works So Well For SEO

Blogging is one of the most efficient ways to increase your website rankings on search sites like Google and Yahoo. Blogging refers to posting your website links to blog sites in order to increase your website rankings. Blogging work best for the SEO as it is the one of the most effective tools to make your website popular amongst the people. If your website is more famous it will generate more revenues as more and more people will visit your site.

You can follow these simple rules for SEO and your blog will definitely rank much higher in search engines. You should use your primary keyword most often in your blogs. The URL that you post on the blogs should contain a primary keyword to optimize your website. You can also use the main keyword in sub domains to get better results. In case your website is about automotive parts then you can use the keywords “Automotive Parts” in your website. Also it is necessary to use your main keyword in the title of your posts and the titles of your web pages. Also use the main keywords and key phrases in your H1 and H2 headers to make them more searchable.

Next you can use your secondary keywords in the body of your post in the blog. The more times the keywords are found in the webpage or post, the better are the chances of the search engines will be able to pick up the keywords. However it should not look like spam. You should refrain from posting the same keywords again and again in the same post as then Google will ban your site for some time and your rankings will fall drastically.

You should also use your primary and secondary as much as possible in the anchor texts for linking the text to other blog sites or other blog posts. Also make every effort to make your site easier for search engine to track. Also it is very much necessary to make your navigation bar of the whole website on every page of the website. All your previous posts should be linked to all pages so that they can be easily searchable by search engines.

You should also create back links to your website on as many blogs as possible. This is because it will help a lot in getting the rank of your website higher in the search engine pages. The more links you have created the higher will be the rank of your website on search engines. You can get back links to your website is to submit your blog and RSS feeds to as many blog search engines and blog directories as possible. Exchange your links with other blogs and network with as many people as possible on the blogs. If you find any interesting information on a blog then don’t forget to link it. The track back will become a link to your blog after some time. In the end to optimize search engine results for your website you should update your blog frequently.

Sabtu, 09 Oktober 2010

Is Blogging worth a try??

Blogging is definitely worth a try. There are many people who enjoy Blogging, if you check out www.swapw.blogspot.com, you will come to know that Blogging can really be one of your hobbies and you can do it as part of fun when you are tired of other activities. Saying that, there are people in Blogging industry very serious about their sites and really work hard to make tons of money, but that takes a long time to establish a career in Blogging.

I would say, that Blogging is fun, because you can choose your own topics and write on almost anything you want, you can learn from different Bloggers the history of Blogging and the way it has reached a pace today.

With Blogging you can write on anything like, advertisement, advertisement reviews, affiliate marketing, article submission, bank blog, blog make money, business consultancy, cash cartes, cash, e-gold, criticism, news, click ad, google adwords, google adsense, half.com etc, this is what www.swapw.blogpspot.com is about.

I have many friends who have been Blogging now for a while, they have developed a deep interest in Blogging, because they can research, write and at the same time earn revenue on different Blogs. You can have many Blog sites with different topics and this is also one of the ways you can earn your income.

One of the fun ways is video blogging and some of it can be seen on the swapw blog, you can earn lot of revenue on video blogging, but it should be something that people would be interested and they would like to watch, and you have to make it worthwhile so that people can really take interest in the videos you upload either on your site or any where like youtube.com and googlevideo.com.

Blogging can also become one of the ways for people to know you, you can create Blogs on your life if it has been inspirational, people love reading autobiographies that interest them, and so if you have stories to tell, it can be love or action story but an interesting one, people will definitely pay their attention to your blogs everyday.

If you are interested in writing on different products than there are many sites that would allow you to write reviews about their products, in fact you can earn good money in writing reviews on products and earn from the top companies who are willing to pay you good money for your write up on products.

Some sites will also give you a HTML code for the products to be pasted on your Blog and people can see that, in this way you are earning income when they buy the product they choose.

So these are only some of the ways of Blogging, Blogging has lot of potential and you can do it, if you are a good researcher and if you really love to write, than Blogging is desirable for you and you can earn good revenue out of your own site, just like every one is earning on Blogging.

Jumat, 08 Oktober 2010

Blog Marketing Crash Course

Many people with blogs get disheartened after a few weeks or months when their blog fails to attract thousands of readers. It is a real shame, because if bloggers followed a few simple blog marketing steps, then they would probably find that there is a willing audience just dying to read about most topics. So what can a blogger do to get noticed? Here are a few blog marketing ideas that should get most blogs getting reasonable traffic in a short space of time.

Blog about a niche: The world doesn’t really need another ‘vanity blog’ about what you had for breakfast. Unless you are a super-model good looking teenage girl who wants to put a lot of photos on your blog, then you are probably going to have a hard time getting noticed. If you already have a vanity blog and are wondering why you are not getting traffic, then you need to know that the vanity blog market is totally saturated. Consider starting or changing your blog to some other topic – an interest or a hobby for example.

Next, you need to start posting to forums. Put the URL of the blog in your forum signature (don’t spam forums saying “look at my blog”). If you just join in the conversation naturally, then people will get curious and you will get a few more readers. If the forum you post in is also to do with a similar topic to your blog then you will probably get repeat readers from it! Try to find the most popular forums in the niche you are writing about. To find them, just go over to Google and search for your niche keyword plus ‘forum’ and you should get a list. Try to find forums with at least a few thousand active members.

Make sure to do trackbacks and pingbacks to other blogs that you have linked to so that they know about you. When people find out that you have talked about them, they will come to see what you said. So will some of their readers. Talking about popular stories from popular blogs may get you more than just a few visitors too.

Comment on other people’s blogs as much as you can (without spamming). In most cases you can put a link back to your own blog and people do follow these links. It is also good to target blogs that talk about the same subject as you, because then you will get targeted readers who are more likely to continue reading your blog. (Avoid using “comment spam” programs as Google can track this and will penalize you).

Most importantly, you need to keep blogging! Nobody will return to a blog that is updated weekly or only occasionally. You need to add more content at least once per day, especially in the early stages of getting your blog noticed. This is hugely important.

Now if you follow these few rules, then you should be well on the way to getting a constant readership for your blog. Don’t forget to check out http://jamdo.com to get more tips on making your blog popular.

Kamis, 07 Oktober 2010

Learning How To Create The Ultimate Blog

One wonders where all that pent-up rage, radical views, strong opinions and peculiar beliefs would be deposited without blogs. For some people, blogging offers a cathartic experience in that they are able to write about who or what is troubling them. Yet for others, by simply being able to put an idea out there is help enough for their egos and self-esteem. Writing in a blog would definitely be much cheaper than a session with an overpriced shrink. Entrepreneurs, newsmakers, tech tutors and a whole lot of others also employ the use of blogs for profit or for up to date information. There are numerous reasons for putting up and maintaining a blog but all of them have one common goal, how to get your thoughts across clearly and effectively.

Blog 101’s are as ubiquitous as blogs themselves in the Internet. The obvious way to go here is to look for an excellent site that will be able to deliver the goods on creating and keeping up a blog. These sites offer guides, tips, how-tos and even some useful tools that will help you in the wonderful world of blogging. The topic commonly discussed initially is finding a home for your blog or the seemingly thankless job of looking for a host, free or otherwise. You might think that it’s easy enough to look for a host, google “blog host” and you’ll see that it’s not as painless as it appears. The wealth of choices available simply overwhelms the soon to be blogger. Now, let’s say you finally found a suitable home for your blog, the next challenge that you need to hurdle would most likely be the design. If you build an attractive and well-arranged blog, then they’ll most certainly come. Most blog hosts have built-in tools that will help you with that but the myriad “ready-to-wear” designs will almost certainly baffle the unversed. Blog tutorials have simple yet useful guides about designing blogs that includes topics ranging from text positioning to color schemes. Now comes the best part, content. A truly good blog tutorial site will stand out from other pretenders when it’s able to supply bloggers with relevant information concerning content. Ideas on where to get content are very crucial. The only way you are going to get considerable amount of traffic in your blog is if people are INTERESTED in it. Your content plays a very critical role in your blog’s success, it is the lifeblood of every single blog out there. If you keep good content flowing steady and fresh, that can only stand to help your blog achieve a level of greatness. Tips on the finer points of increasing traffic for your blog are very abundant in the tutorials. Be sure to take heed because dealing with keywords and search engines will be a joyful task if done properly and with decent supervision.

Bottom line is that blog tutorials are essential partners in your blog making travels because they serve as competent and experienced guides. Up until such time that you get your blogging legs true and steady, I recommend not letting go of these sites.

Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

Blogging- Developing a Readership

1) Quality Content – Interesting content will keep your readership returning. Update your blog regularly. Googlebot, which is Google's web-crawling robot loves content. The more you update your blog, the more frequent the search engine spiders will return to it.

2) Take part in blog exchange communities, like BlogExplosion and BlogClicker. Ask other bloggers for their opinion on your blog and take their suggestions to heart.

3) Publish an RSS/Atom/XML feed. If you're using Blogger, you can turn on RSS feed by clicking on settings in your dashboard and then clicking on site feed and make sure that your settings are set to yes.

4) Carefully choose your subject titles, taking into consideration what other internet users may be searching for. Use keywords in your title. I suggest subscribing to Word Tracker. Their report of the most popular searches is published each Tuesday and distributed to over 30,000 subscribers. Technorati.com , is a blog search engine that also lists the top search words. The more targeted your keywords are, the greater your return in search engines will be.

5) Involve yourself in commenting on other blogs. You can gain a loyal readership just by offering feedback to your fellow bloggers. The comment feature allows you to add a link back to your blog as well.

6) Be sure to include your blog address in forum signatures and in your email signature.

7) Submit your blog to directories. Submit your blog's url to Technorati, Daypop, Blogdex and Popdex.

8) Write articles. Include a resource box in your article and submit it to article directories such as iSnare.com

9) If you’re using blogging software such as Blogger, there is an option to notify the central blog update services (such as weblogs.com) whenever you’ve made a new entry to your blog. Make sure that this option is turned on! In blogger, click on publish in your dashboard and make sure that your settings are set to yes under notify weblogs. Alternatively, you can go to ping-o-matic.com and send out a ping each time you update your blog. This lets everyone know that you’ve just updated your blog.

10) Link to other blogs. Use services like blogrolling, which is similar to linking. Blogrolling allows you to maintain an updated list of your favorite blogs. But, don’t build a long blog roll of sites that you have no intention of returning to. There is nothing more annoying then visiting a blog that has a humongous blogroll.

Be patient, traffic doesn’t happen overnight. The best way that I’ve found to increase traffic is by getting to know people. Spend what free time that you have, reading blogs, leaving feedback and building friendships. Try to leave comments on the blogs that you visit as often as you can. While you are waiting for the traffic to come, just enjoy blogging. You'll be improving your writing in the process. Eventually you’ll build a network of not just readers, but friends and loyal supporters. Blogging is not just about marketing; it’s about creating lasting relationships.

Selasa, 05 Oktober 2010

Blog Critics

Advertisers are in a continuous search for bloggers and reward them to advertise on blogs. Advertising on blog is important for the advertisers to get a better ranking for their site and have more visitors to come to their sites. There are many bloggers who are into blogging just because they like to comment but why not blog for cash? You can earn from $7 up to $110 per blog in Critic Directory

Critic Directoryconnects advertisers with bloggers. Advertisers login here and place orders for blogs that they want to add links for their sites. Advertisers will only pay for blogs that they admire. They are not bound to pay for badly written contents. Bloggers that sign up will have their blog sites screened before they get approved. Once the blog is approved, they can begin to get paid for blogging .This site could prove beneficial both the bloggers as well as the advertisers by being connected through this particular website.

Building link to any website is regarded to be one of the most crucial tools for promoting your website. This will inflate the traffic in the form of more visitors to your site and hence, giving rise to utilize services that your website provides or to sell your product. Building link will improve its PR (page ranking) make your website ‘up’ in search engine’s page. CDH Bidding Web directory allows you to build link in fruitful manner. One of its best highlights includes the ranking of the page on the side of the link. This gives a clue of the traffic and popularity of the website without opening the weblink. With the highest bidding, you can link up your webpage on homepage of CDH bidding web directory under the heading of top websites or their front.

Just like its happening name "Templement Template" has a bright futuristic appearance. Genuine Paid Directory is glad to announce this free word press theme, which is being sponsored by the famous Musab of Paid Directory. This template is also xhtml valid/ css valid. With an complimentary Wp Version of this template this template has its own unique value..
Pay Review: Submitting your website to the specific category within Alive Directory or is defiantly a must. No other web directory can substitutes the quality of hand pick many different topics to choose from, always view and submit your website to category related to your business.

The greatest advantage of the alive directory is the high respected page rank it receives form Google at 7/10. configuration, it had some Adversal code which shouldn’t of been for download via the theme free themes. If you think you may have it, please remove the proxy theme and do a FULL download of the theme proxy you were using. If you notice any of the proxy themes still using mine configuration, kindly report back to me as soon as you can.

Senin, 04 Oktober 2010

Wired with Video Blogging

Much as it’s appealing effect to the people who sees it and who sympathizes with its content, video blogs are treated as a phenomena. Mainstream entertainment is wired with video blogging. You are the director of your own video. Popularly known as vlogs (short term for video blog), usually it contains scenes of everyday life.

Not just an outlet for media response, vlogs can also be profitable. According to some experts, by creating a video advertising sensible products and linking it up with various web directories, fast income is a possibility.

Youtube can be a very typical example of a resource for the numerous vlogs being done today. A lot of people posts their videos either sensible or of no sense at all. You could learn from it or you could trash it. It’s a media-friendly digital file anyone could author and direct anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

What should be the content of my vlog?

Basically, everything you can think of. A mixture of humor, downfalls, heartaches, struggles, and life’s simple pleasures. You could feature anything -your favorite food, an MTV you proudly taped, vices, poor sleeping habits, health problems-ANYTHING. This issue is inevitable.

Majority of the experimental vlogs signifies a liberated take of documented short videos of gatherings or events like birthdays, graduations, weddings, etc. It doesn’t have to be a crowd-pleaser; it just has to be real.

How can I start my own video blog?

Gather up a camcorder or a mobile phone. Put the lens in front of something that you think would be interesting and would catch your viewer’s attention like your face or your neighbor’s bathing habits. Then start recording. The time will depend on how you would visualize your vlog’s appeal and resolution to the masses. Be in control.

When is the right time to start?

After you’ve assembled the right equipments, make a go for it. Take it as you wish. Record it as you please. Anytime is the best time. Just make sure viewers end up understanding what you’ve wired.

Below are 3 easy steps for beginners and first timers on how to put up a vlog.

1. Visualize – of how your vlog would look like. Think of the means. Think of the filling. Think on how it would start and how it would end. If you have no idea on how a vlog really looks like, browse your way through the internet RIGHT NOW!

2. Design – after streaming the content of your videotape into the computer, its best that you find a suitable and familiar blog site.

3. Upload – post your vlog on your favorite website. And voila! You’re very own video blog. At last, a tiny space amongst millions! Easy isn’t it?

An amateur vlog is always welcome, no one will sue you for showing your butt-crack. But don’t just go with the basics. Make your vlog more appealing by advertising creative words people would search for.

Minggu, 03 Oktober 2010


A forex broker is defined as an individual, or a firm, that acts as a mediator, matching buyers & sellers for a fee or for the commission. A forex broker is also regularly employed to maintain & monitor the 24-hour Forex market place.

A forex broker is someone who engages in trading & investing online. In forex plenty of of them will be the investors in the forex & the traders will approach the market for the umpteenth time, but it will be first time for the investors & it can appear at times, daunting. This forces us to use the interactive forex brokers. Most of the people will be investing in the stocks & forex.

they can be sure that they will receive the highest level of service obtainable in the forex trading market. The forex broker offers customer support for different countries. they are present as a broker so as to clarify the concern they may have to regard the foreign currencies in trading. The interactive forex brokers can easily make a big success in trading.

The interactive forex brokers have plenty of years of experience in Forex online & all aspects of web trading. Forex Brokers tailor our accounts to suit our needs, taking into consideration our budget, requirements, & risk tolerance. The forex broker will understand the value of having the trust, direct access broker.

web trading is now a role plenty of people take on as part of everyday life in every business not only for the forex broker. The web is playing a large role in forex trading. The broker forex maintains the high standard which is built in plenty of companies, which is based upon having guaranteed customer satisfaction & security, All the customers are issued with a bank guarantee.

In today's society, for a majority of investments there is now some level of money exchange or transaction to be made, for trading on the stock market, or any other market foreign exchange is always involved. This has created a diverse market in the forex broker. Most people already have some level of dealing with currencies. The worth of the money you save & invest is determined through the worth of another country's money.

A bank guarantee offers the customers security & peace of mind. Years of the roles of a Forex Broker in forex online trading have provided the forex market trading with the best online brokers & the lowest cost brokers. All the customer information is regarded as highly confidential by the forex brokers. A Forex Broker does not disclose such information to third parties. Most of the companies provide all their clients with a bank guarantee to ensure the return of the invested sum.

WAN MOHD HIRWANI WAN HUSSAIN has been helping people succeed in business for over 25 years. Visit his website and learn how to generate your own exclusive leads http://forex-trader-broker.blogspot.com/

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what are seo contests and how to rank better in SEO Contests.

The keyword is totally unique in the eyes of the search engines, and there are strong rules in these contests.

Some of the general important rules of seocontests.
1. No black hat search engine optimization allowed
2. No one from the official announcement website can enter this contest.
3. No Spamming of keywords and website
4. No cloaking or keyword stuffing

These contests generally are started with a time frame given to show the results in search engine results pages.

These are some of the general tips to rank better for the contest.
1. Try to get a older domain name rather than a new one, this is because there is a myth that search engines rank old domains better.
2. Never try to add the contest keyword more than 10 times to your contest webpage because this will result in keyword stuffing.
3. Add meta tags to your contest page which may include title, keywords, description and robots tag.
4. Add H1 , H2, and H3 tags correctly with the keyword in the first H1 tag.
5. Try to add unique contest to your webpage, which is totally fresh, as search engines like fresh content.
6. After the onpage seo is completed , start doing link building by exchanging links with relevant websites.
7. Add a sitemap to your website and continue with the link building.

If these steps are done perfectly , you can make sure that your webpage tops the search engine result pages.

Jumat, 01 Oktober 2010

The latest SEO myth debunked

As more people come into the search engine optimization industry, more unqualified people are in the market making uneducated claims that they declare to be facts. The latest claim being made by a few people in the industry is that your competitors can knock your web site from Google's search engine results pages by simply directing links to it (called "Google Bowling"). Fortunately, this is not true. Unfortunately, many people relying on the "professional" advice of the SEO firms making this ridiculous claim could be put in a bad situation because of it.

The information that they have tried to use to substantiate this claim is the word "almost" in one line in Google's information for webmasters.

"There's almost nothing a competitor can do to harm your ranking or have your site removed from our index."

The fact of the matter is that the word "almost" does not make prove anything. To say that it proves the validity of the claim makes no more sense than saying it proves that wearing blue socks on Tuesday will hurt my competitors web site. In reality, SEO firms making claims like this are usually trying to create excuses for their own web site not ranking. Perhaps they should spend some of the time they've been using to create intricate fairy tales and spend it to get up to date on search engine optimization facts.