Minggu, 31 Januari 2010

Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Let’s try to put ourselves in shoes of search engines owners and creators. A few years ago, a directory submitting to thousands of other sites required a lot of work, time and determination. After the software and online scripts, which automatically submit pages to directories, appeared, gaining hundreds or thousands of links in a short period of time is not a problem any more. At the same time, the number of websites is growing every day and it increases competition for particular keywords. The search engines have to find sites which best suit to the search phrase from millions of sites.
Due to the above mentioned factors, the creators of search engines were forced to use special filters. In their opinion, on the one hand, the inflow of the large number of useless links from sites submitted to the thousands of directories is limited, and the focus is only on these which prove the real quality of the page. On the other hand, only these sites, which best suit the topic of the search, are fund. Therefore, nowadays it is better to have our one or two links on quality sites than one hundred in useless directories. At the same time, much attention should be paid to the optimization of keywords, which still is main factor of determining the theme of the site.

Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010

Class C IP’s

Here is an SEO myth that has not really been proven one way or another yet. The myth is that having links from the same class C IP address will not help you. If you don’t know what I am talking about here’s how you breakdown an IP address.


So where the CCC is that number needs to be vary. The reasoning behind this is that someone could get web hosting and put 1,000 different sites on it and then link them all to one site trying to gain its link popularity. So the search engines put an end to that by using the IP of the sites to calculate how much weight to give the link.

There are quite a few people that don’t believe that this myth is true just for the simple fact of how popular shared hosting is. If this myth is true then all those sites on the same shared hosting server cant help each other out with ranking.

There is some evidence that can prove this myth though. I have followed many discussions on this topic and have seen some results that make me a believer. The results basically just prove how a site with far less links can out rank a site with a ton more links. This is because the site with less links has a ton more different class C IP’s links than the one with just more links.

Like I said I am a firm believer in this myth and I don’t even like to refer to it as a myth but until proven beyond a doubt I will call it that just to make people happy. So when you are doing link building be sure to check out the IP address on where your link will be placed in order to make sure your link will pull the most weight.

Jumat, 29 Januari 2010

Are your web page titles doing their job?

If you have spent more than a few hours on the internet then you've probably noticed a variety of page titles, ranging from bland and non-descriptive all the way to downright misleading. Most cases of poor web page titles are due to a lack of understanding. For example, have you ever seen a web page title that read some thing like:

"Blue Widgets, Blue Widget, The Blue Widget Company, Best Blue Widgets, Cheap Blue Widgets, Wholesale Blue Widgets, Buy Blue Widgets"

That is a case of a website owner using outdated SEO (search engine optimization) techniques in an attempt to improve their ranking. Not only does this not work, it also drives real people (the ones who would otherwise be purchasing these wonderful blue widgets) away.

You have also probably seen websites where every single page has the same title, which is usually the company's name. While this isn't a case of a website owner trying to manipulate their ranking, it also isn't helping them increase conversions.

Both from an SEO perspective and from a overall marketing perspective, the most effective title is one that offers an accurate description of the page, yet short enough to display completely in the search engine results pages. In most cases, 60 characters or less will be adequate to describe a web page and still display completely in most search engines.

Kamis, 28 Januari 2010

Articles Submitter and how you can build inbound links to your website with ease.

Weather you know or not, if you are looking for some serious SEO (search engine optinization) you have to know about submitting articles to directories, blogs, press releases, etc.

If you are familiar with writing articles and submitting it to the right place on the wold wide web, then you know how much time does it take to start doing it and building your own directory of website to submit to. And you know how much time you have to take in order to obtain a reasonable result. Needless to say it is not an easy and fast task to do.

Well there is good news for all of us here doing SEO. I just came across this impressive software wich :

Helps to improve your search ranking (because of hundreds of quality backlinks that quickly add-up over time),

Gets your pages into the search engines quick ( because of search engine spiders pouring into your sites),

Establishes you as the expert ( and makes you "famous" in your market),

And sends you FREE targeted traffic from website owners and e-zine publishers who pick-up your articles.

Simply put the results articles provide means they are a "must have" part of everybodys promotion arsenal.

Instant Article Submitter, does this job and you can find out more at:


Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

Search Engine Optimisation

There are many ways to optimise your website and everyone has a different opinion on how to do it, but there's one thing everyone agrees on is the two pronged approach, onpage and offpage.

Today I am going to talk about on-page optimisation, the biggest mistake many people make is that they have their website built wait around for a few month and wonder why there's no traffic heading there way. The website should be built with optimisation in mind right from the start, it might look great having lots of Flash flying around your site (I personally don't think so) but without your keywords spread throughout your text the web bots are not going to find it.

I think it's important to have your title heading as an H1 and in bold, but only do it once on a page otherwise you could get penalised. The web bots/spiders read pages from top left to bottom right so I would also reinforce your title again by putting it next to the copyright logo.

There is always a discussion about Head and Meta tags, I firmly believe you must do this and definitely the Title as this does carry weight with Google.

The main ingredience for success in any business is hard work and this certainly applies to Search Engine Optimisation oh and throw in a whole lot of time for good measure!

Selasa, 26 Januari 2010

Is Google Broken?

After spending the last few years posting in search engine optimisation forums I have noticed a growing defeatism from webmasters in relation to natural (organic) search positioning. Google has a number of problems and some of these have hung around for a few months but they are only affecting certain sectors of the index. The hype around these Google problems has led to many SEO companies and webmasters making a statement that their websites are no longer listed because Google is broken. They are also using this excuse both the exclusion of the website from high profile in the Google database and then the lack of activity in relation to improving the website and make it competitive again.

Quite simply the news from the grapevine in general is that Google is broken and so its not our fault your website is no longer listed.

The real picture is very different and it is a lack of understanding and in many cases laziness that is causing the problems for so many websites, SEO expert Shaun Parker has written a paper called: Is Google Really Broken? This is an extremely interesting and informative paper which I would highly recommend.

The document looks at this growing defeatism by webmasters and some SEO companies and the impact it is now having on the industry, it examines grapevine information and the under currents from search engine forums.

Senin, 25 Januari 2010

SEO Advertising

If you are a web developer and would like to advertise your web sites, there are plenty of very easy and inexpensive ways to promote your site. Many SEO’s make their living by promoting their web sites, products and services. If you do not advertise effectively, then you can not reach the core audience of people that can make your site extremely profitable. Here are some tips.

Advertising your web site is extremely important, there a few easy and inexpensive ways to do it. Many SEO’s use Google Adwords, affiliate marketing sites and banner exchanges to promote and sell their web sites, products and services. Google Adwords is a great way to advertise to people looking for a specific keyword or product and usually costs pennies per lead. Google Adsense is a perfect way to start a small advertising campaign.

Affiliate marketing is also a great way to get your products sold to the masses by offering your products with a high commission to other web developers that already have traffic. If you are looking for free advertising, you can join a banner exchange and promote other sites banners as they promote yours. So if you are looking for great SEO advertising techniques check the tips above.

More informations are available at http://www.affiliate-00.com

Minggu, 24 Januari 2010

The Google age ban

This is not official as expected Google will not confirm this, but I have been researching a lot on this subject and fond this to be true.

I have a number of website less then six months old still not ranked on Google and sites that are older that are. The SEO information site news have run tests on this them selves and found the same to be true.

So why they have done this we do not know but all I can guess is Google are looking for well rooted sites on the search engine.

If you want to get ranked on Google you will have to use a domain name older then one year or at a push six months old.

Do not get put off by this as there are lots of other search engines out there, we do not no if the other search engines will copy this but if they do this would not be good.

You should continue to submit to Google and run business as usual but do not full into the spam trap, what I mean by this is submitting to Google over and over as you do not see your website.

Google can ban your domain and put it into the sand pit this is something else Google will not confirm.

New sites still get a page rank you no the green bar in the tools bar but the link popularity do not seen to be right.

If you found this article of some use then that makes me happy.

Sabtu, 23 Januari 2010

How to Choose the Best Keywords

First, think about the theme of your site and write down the words you would use your self when searching for a similar site. Now if the sites you expected came up then you have got a good list of keywords ready to build your site content around.
Do not make your content TOO keyword heavy though as this will result in a penalty from the search engines, there are lots of free tools available for you to check your keyword density and they will tell you what state your site is in regards the keyword situation.
Another good tip is to check your competitors who are getting good search results, view the source code on their page and make a note of their keywords, now have a look through that pages content to see what kind of keyword ratio they have. Do not copy a competitors keyword and content per se, but use it to your advantage. A lot of websites tend to take their foot off the gas once they have a good search engine position. You need to put time into this constantly to stay ahead of the game.
Use Googles webmaster tools they are there to help you. Make sure your meta tags are correct, poor meta tags can affect you more than you think. Once you have good keyword density then you need to start building up traffic.

Jumat, 22 Januari 2010

Cheap web hosting Guide

Check out all features, plans, data transfer, mysql account, and emails. Figure out your attention in starting a website. If you are planning on selling things or posting up things for fun

Kamis, 21 Januari 2010

Cheap Website Promotion In Birmingham

People are always wanting to attract more visitors to their website. We all would like to see more traffic, however what are the best ways to promote a website, which does not cost an arm and a leg?

1. Pay per click advertising.

Pay per click advertising is becoming more and more popular with programs such as Google adwords reporting bigger profits on a regular basis. This is a way of getting your website on the first or second pages by you paying an advertising fee. You set the amount you are happy to pay per click and when somebody clicks on your ad, you have an extra visitor, however at a cost to you. It is important to remember not to spend more on the pay per click advertising than what you are likely to earn etc.

2. Writing articles.

Writing articles such as this one is a good way of promoting your website. Article websites such as http://www.ezinearticles.com and http://www.goarticles.com allow you to submit your articles for free. Other webmasters are able to use your articles on their website which gives you an extra backward link as you are able to add you website address at the bottom of the article. People who are reading the article on the article websites are also potential visitors.

3. Obtaining backward links.

If you are looking to increase your search engine position it is a good idea to try to increase the amount of backward links you have. This is not as easy as it seems as people are not always happy to add a link on their site to your homepage. It is worth making a few phone calls or sending a few e-mails and asking the question, if the person would like to exchange links. It is of more value to have a link from a website in the same type trade of your own.

4. Always include your domain address in advertising.

Wherever you advertise it is important to include your website domain address, and also at the bottom of any e-mails you send.

Rabu, 20 Januari 2010

Web Promotion

Web promotion is a marketing technique, a new terminology for marketing. In today’s fierce marketing arena, producers of goods and services need effective advertising and promotion, and also innovative and inexpensive means to sell their products. Online business creates an opportunity for one to reach out to the markets within and outside one’s focus. The idea of web promotion is no longer a passing fad, but a prerequisite to remain in business.

The first step is to actually publish a website. Creating relevant web links that route visitors to the site and turn out to show interest in your business are the next steps. One of the common ways for a visitor to click on your web site is through search engines by typing a key word related to their interest. The design and features of the site should be in such a way that the content in the site contain key words that are indexed in most of the search engines so as to appear in the top ten or twenty links, and also an online enquiry service that keeps track of viewers visiting your site.

Web promotion is not a one-time effort or investment. Constant evaluation and alteration of certain factors must be followed such as assessment of return on investment / value, cost per click, pay per link, design effects, positioning in search engines, etc.

With the changing purchase preferences, the demand from the consumers to have clear information about the product and the producers before their purchase, and the growing amount of competition, online business and marketing is a boon if utilized. Otherwise you would be giving away business to your competitors.

Selasa, 19 Januari 2010

How to Use Press Releases to Promote Your Site, Gain Valuable Back Links and Rank Higher in The Search Engines

If you are into search engine optimization (SEO), there is a great way to increase your presence on the web and rank higher in the page rankings- its called press releases. Just like newspapers and fortune 500 companies release press releases, so can you.

A press release is a document that is released to news organization and information services. If you have breaking news such as a great new product, a new service being offered or your company is now in a new market, then a press release can help spread awareness whether on the internet or off.

There are professional services that will create a press release for you as well as distribute the press release to specific news organizations and information services. While some of these services do charge a fee, it is usually inexpensive to get the word out on your web site or product.

By using press releases cleverly, you can rank higher in the page rankings by receiving one way links once your press release is posted on highly regarded web sites. Google and other search engines may see your site as being part of a trusted network of information. So if you want to increase awareness of your web site or product then look into press releases.

Once, you master the process, you'll be happy for the results but after a while, you'll probably have to face a problem : "Press release are effective but it's very time consuming to log and post manually to all these websites".

Hopefully, 2 smart guys Jeff Alderson and Rod Beckwith have released a powerful software that helps you automate the process and post you press release to hundreds of quality websites. I highly recommand it to you. It's name is Press Equalizer. you can take a look at all its benefits by visiting this link : http://tinyurl.com/zqrwh .

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Ways to expand your business

Email marketing is an effective way of reaching out to your target audience. It is a cost effective and time effective tool of building strong relations with your target audience.

Advantages of email marketing

They are the most inexpensive way of marketing your products and services.

Does not require much time or effort. You either send personalized emails or common emails to all your customers at the same time

They are received immediately after you have sent them. So even at the last moment you want to send across a message to your customers, they work.

Oms3 we cater to your email marketing requirements with a professional and systematic approach. Here we allot a team of experts managing your email marketing right from conception to execution. After studying you market, customers and competitors they plan out your email marketing strategy. They find out answers to questions like- Which form of email marketing will be best suitable for you? What should be the frequency of the emails? What should be the style of content writing so as to attract your customers? All such points are thoroughly analyzed.

Types of email marketing

Direct emails: Here you reach your potential and existing customers directly by sending them emails. It is basically used to make some announcement or introduce a new offer.

Newsletter emails: Here you keep your customers, updated about the new developments. It is acts as reminder of your presence in the market.

Emails based on subscriptions: Here the permission of the receiver is must. These emails are personalized and have to be subscribed. They are like promotional emails.

Are professional steer clear of sending spam mails. The standard parameters are followed to avoid spam mails.

Contact us for further information.

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Web Site Strategies that Work!!

1. Review your goals and markets for your site:

a) Are there clear business goals and desired outcomes behind your Web site, and for each major page or section? How will you evaluate your success?

b) Have you defined all the target audiences for the site, and the "languages" they speak? Do you have compelling benefit statements, testimonials, case studies?

c) Does your home page appeal to each of your target markets and audiences? Does it effectively direct them to appropriate areas of your site?

d) How compelling are the "calls to action" on each page?

2. How can you take your online business to the next level?

a) Is your site making the best use of available technologies? How will you stay on top of online developments in your field? Are all appropriate staff involved?

b) Does your content effectively position the expertise of your business? Are there media or public relations outlets that you could tap for wider promotion?

c) Are you taking full advantage of "real-world" opportunities to promote your site?

d) Does your business offer other services or customer support functions that you could provide online? Are there further efficiencies that you could achieve?

e) Review your contact databases and your use of e-mail to support your marketing. Do you have clear opt-in and privacy policies?

3. Review your Web traffic reports:

a) Are there any obvious patterns in your traffic, or the paths your visitors follow that you could capitalize on, or need to change?

b) What are the top exit points from your site? Where are you losing conversions?

c) Which external sites link to you? Are these appropriate? Are you generating sufficient return on investment for paid online advertising?

d) Do the search phrases for your site suggest ideas for new areas of business development?

(c) 2005. Philippa Gamse.

Sabtu, 16 Januari 2010

Getting hits to your Site the Right Way

One tried and proven solution is by writing a small article about your site and submitting it to an S.E.O. and content provider site. People visit these sites every day to discover articles which they can include in their own site. These articles, which can cover all sorts of topics from angling to zoo-keeping, are designed to provide a taste of what your own site contains.

They would usually be about one small part of your own site, but are sufficiently interesting to make a reader click on the link to your site so that they can find out more information, thus leading to a greater number of hits.

They should be relatively short, say 400 to 500 words, so that a reader will not become bored by them. Research has shown that if a visitor to a web site does not have their attention grabbed within about 5 seconds, or less, they will move on.

Some article submission sites will offer, in addition to hosting your article writing service. You provide them with an idea of the style you want, a description of your site and they will provide you with an article.

Some sites will expect you to submit the article to them for hosting, while others will give you the article so that you choose where to submit it. Whatever you choose, copyright of the article always remains with you, and this is acknowledged by a small statement that the content was provided by whoever. There is also usually a link to the article writer, thus ensuring that your site receives a measure of promotion.

Submitting an article is generally a straightforward procedure. You choose the content provider you wish to submit your article to, register with them, and you are then able to submit your article.

Jumat, 15 Januari 2010

Promoting A Website For Free

When you have a website, one of your most difficult tasks is to figure out a way to get people to come visit your site. If you are selling something, it becomes vital for your business that people will come and take a look at what you have built. The easiest way you can get more traffic to your website is to promote. Promoting a website is not a difficult task. In fact, it doesn’t even have to cost any money. Take a look at these ideas of promoting a website and bring more traffic to your site right away.

The first thing you can do to start promoting your website is start trading space with other websites. You can find websites and offer them space on your website to advertise their site. In return, you would get a free space on their website. Many times you will be able to earn more money if you make deals with sites who offer products that are related to yours, without being in competition. You might have to talk to fifty website owners to get a few to agree, but if you can do this for free, it will be worth it.

Another way you can go about promoting a website for free is by utilizing blogs and message boards to your advantage. When you post thoughtful comments on random blogs and message boards that somewhat relate to your website, you will be reaching more potential consumers. For example, if you have a fish hook website, you could post about your website on a fishing blog or message board. Those who came there would be most likely your targeted consumers and you could earn more money this way.

So, as you can see, to earn money online you do need to learn how to promote your website. However, you don’t have to pay an ad company a ton of money to do it for you. You may have to put in some time and effort, but you will be able to take on the task yourself.

Kamis, 14 Januari 2010

Do not post to FFA's (Free For All Sites) & Link Farms

With learning about online promotion, there is so much information out there about "what you should be doing" to promote you business. This tutorial will be to inform you about what you SHOULDN'T DO!

What are (FFA's) Free For All Sites & Link Farms?

These types of sites can be recognized by their one purpose. To list 100's, maybe 1000's of "One Line Ads" on all on one page.

What was the initial purpose?

A few years back when this form of promotion was very popular, everyone was posting their one line ads on these types of sites for more traffic to their site and a better "link popularity". It was soon realized that "FFA" sites don't do either.

How can adding a small, one line ad accompanied by 100's of others that isn't related to each other benefit you???


The only people they benefit are spammers...

Here's why!

Once you submit your one line classified ad, you automatically give the owners of the FFA sites to send you messages. At the same time, there are 1000's of marketers who are gathering your e-mail to do the very same thing.

FFA's are like being in heaven to spammers...

Honestly though, have you ever spent the time to visit a site from these lists?

Do you honestly want to ruin your e-mail just from posting one time??? I guarantee you that your inbox will be full within a matter of weeks.

On another note, Google is actively searching these FFA sites and penalizing them. They offer no use to visitors. Please do your business a favor, never list and FFA sites on your site, you might be subject to being penalized as well from Google.

Once that happens, you'll be spending most of your time trying to recover from the loss.

Best of luck to you!

Read more of Martins articles online here:

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A Growing Link Exchange Program

Anyone that deals with marketing and advertising on the Internet knows that link popularity is one of the main causes for high rankings. And as we all know, high rankings lead to more traffic, which in turn leads to higher sales. The biggest problem with doing link exchanges and using programs that automate the process is that you run the risk of gaining bad links on your site. Bad links lead to reduced link popularity and in turn can eventually lead to being banned on search engines. Everyone can agree that if you are banned from a large search engine like Google or Yahoo, then your website is in trouble. I have come across a few places that allow you to grad good reciprocal links from ranking sites. You want to do more reciprocal linking because it provides an incentive for both sites to keep the links up.

If you already have a large link directory on your site, you might want to think about using the program Arelis. This gives you the power to control all your links and make sure they are still linking back to you. It also gives you the control to find more targeted links for your website. If you want to find more links for your website, then you should check out www.Link2me.com. This site allows you to search for websites and then the company gets in touch with that website asking for a link exchange with you. It is very easy and hassle free, which I know will help everyone that is spending 60+ hours on Internet marketing. Any little bit helps. This link exchange program is growing and with the more websites that sign up, which is free, the more potential links for the members. Check it out and increase your link popularity the ethical way!

Selasa, 12 Januari 2010

For newer sites, Web Marketing depends on "titles" & "links"

We all start out the same. Some have budgets, some don't. The one true factor out there is that we all want to expose our business. For 99% of us, starting out in the world of web marketing means a few things:

* - A huge learning curve
* - Endless nights working
* - Trial & Error
* - Learning the ropes

Compared to older more established sites out there, a brand new site without a network of well established web sites to back it up will need to depend on good quality links pointing to it. This will commence the search engine ranking strategy.

See most "grand father" sites out there have already gone through the trials and tribulations of getting recognized. Since this is true, they don't always have to depend on the "Title" of the link pointing to their site, nor do they have to depend on the "Title" tag within their site.

Now here's the [kicker]. Let's say Joe has been doing this for 2 years now, 9 times out of 10, if Joes web site is still promoting content about "Web Marketing", he probably doesn't have to add "Web Marketing" to his main title anymore. He can now add it further down within another link on his site.

So the moral is???

If your site is new, you'll need to depend on the "Titles" of many things to get your rankings up for something specific. If you're site is more mature and has been established, you can work on other search terms you've been longing to get for your site.

Just keep plugging away and try to keep your "titles" the same for new sites and mix it up for older sites!

I hope you enjoyed the article!

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Senin, 11 Januari 2010

Where Should You Host Your Blog?

Should you host your blog yourself or pay someone to host it? It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a veteran this question always comes up when creating a new blog. Usually someone new to blogging would gravitate to hosting a blog themselves or get a free blog and as time goes by with experience they begin to ponder maybe paid blog hosting isn’t so bad after all. So what is better?

To answer this question, let’s first look at how a blog is created. Just like creating web pages, first, you need a software or script that will take your entries, format it and publish it to the web. The second component of a blog, is the web space, where the software should publish to, a home for the blog pages.

Knowing this information, let’s review the different ways to host a blog:

Full blog host.

This is where the blogging system or software is provided for you and your blog is also published to a web space provided by the host. Blogger, SquareSpace and Typepad fall into this category. It’s very much like creating a website with a site builder.

Hosted blog software but published elsewhere

This is where the blog software is provided for you but the blog pages are published to another website or web host altogether. By doing this, the software acts as a publishing system like FrontPage except it creates nicely formatted blogs. Blogger is probably the most well known for this. Yes Blogger can do both. Publish to their host or to yours. As a comparison, this is like using FrontPage to publish your website.

Blog software and blog are hosted on your web server

This is where you would install the blog script (software) on your web server – it can be any web hosting account. And when you publish, the blog itself resides on your web server also. To draw a parallel, this technique is like buying web hosting and then installing a content management system on it to help you build web pages.

If you’re new to building web pages or have built sites using site builders then you might want to go with a fully hosted blog. These hosts do all the nitty gritty for you and there’s very little technical stuff you need to know. If you can point and click, you can build a blog with a full blog host.

Having said that, just because you’re seasoned at building web pages doesn’t mean full blog hosts won’t work for you. In fact, if you have many blogs this becomes very appealing since you won’t have to worry about upgrading the blog script, people exploiting the script, making plug-ins work or what happens when your web host decides to disable part of your blog functions because there is a security hole. All you do is concentrate on blogging. After a while, blogging becomes more important than maintaining your blog and that’s the way it should be.

Next up, hosted software but blog is published to your website. This seems to be the best of both worlds. At time of writing, Blogger is one of the best ways to do this but because of its popularity often, you find the system too slow to publish or completely down just when you have a hot idea to share. The idea is good but you’ll also be depending on someone else’s availability to publish your blog. It’s much like using a friend’s computer to build your web pages and you know how that can go.

Finally, you have the option to use scripts. This is also a very popular method. The flexibility it allows is very liberating because you can mould the blog anyway you want. You can even get a programmer to create custom plug-ins or customize the whole blogging system the way you want it. In short, you can do pretty much anything you want.

The down side, you need at the very basic, some knowledge of HTML or publishing web pages. Also the burden of upgrading, troubleshooting and maintaining the script is on you. If you have one or two blogs it’s not so bad but once you start having more, it can be quite tedious. You also have to consider all the other responsibilities of maintaining the script as mentioned earlier.

Armed with this information, you should be able to figure out which one is for you. If you’re still undecided, think of how you would do it if you’re creating a regular website. Chances are your choice method for publishing a website is also the best method for you to create a blog.

Wie macht man eine Online Bewerbung?

Unternehmen gehen immer mehr dazu über Bewerbungen von Interessenten direkt über das Internet anzunehmen. Dies erleichtert nicht nur den Unternehmen die Auswahl, sondern für den Bewerber bringt dies auch finanzielle Vorteile. Für die Online-Bewerbung gelten natürlich die gleichen Grundsätze wie für die klassische Bewerbung, die bislang in den meisten Fällen per Post verschickt wurde. Viele Unternehmen stellen dem Bewerber spezielle Web-Formulare zur Verfügung, in denen der Bewerber seine Daten eintragen kann. In den meisten Fällen wird bei der Online-Bewerbung auf Kopien von Zeugnissen verzichtet, jedoch sollte man auch hier darauf achten die Form zu wahren, und nicht nachlässig zu werden. Wie bei einer normalen Bewerbung macht dies auch Online keinen guten Eindruck, und der Personalchef wird das Online-Formular unter Umständen sofort löschen. Es gibt bereits im Internet einige Seiten die dem Bewerber mit einer Muster Bewerbung helfen. Man sollte sich erst einmal gründlich erkundigen welche Daten die Firma haben möchte und sich danach richten.
Genau wie bei der normalen Bewerbung ist ein Standardanschreiben nicht sehr Erfolg versprechend, wer hier etwas Fantasie walten lässt hat wesentlich mehr Aussicht darauf zu einem persönlichen Vorstellungsgespräch eingeladen zu werden. Vor dem Ausfüllen erkundigen Sie sich über das Unternehmen, und lassen Sie sich Zeit mit der Online Bewerbung. Nachlässigkeit fällt sofort auf und wird nicht zum gewünschten Erfolg führen.

Minggu, 10 Januari 2010

You've Got The Power, So Why Aren't You Promoting It?

Like all things, theft is theft, misery loves company, negative people are everywhere, business is sometimes bad, things go up and others go down.

If those are all true then knowledge is power right? Wrong, knowledge is only power if applied. So why is it that most of us only apply "commercialized" marketing tactics and fail to utilize the little stuff that counts?

For instance, Google allows us to promote 2 url's, www.yoursite.com & http://yoursite.com

So ok. Nothing new...

Then why aren't you promoting the power Google gave to you?

See there's some of us who know that adding a link to both urls within our sites is a powerful thing. But what most of us don't know is that you can't just simply add both url's and expect good results!

You can't just want popcorn without popping the corn!

What you want to do is give 2 URL's and 2 Key Phrases. That's it, there it is! So if you promote your main page twice,

re: www.yoursite.com & http://yoursite.com

... Then you want to give Google 2 key phrases for both urls separately within your title tag.

Don't stop there though, try utilizing both key phrases respectively within your description tag, alt tags, H1 tags and within a portion of your text.

Here are the results of your efforts:

So the next time google searches your site, it now has more food then before and you actually didn't have to do too much. Your search terms have now doubled for 2 urls pointing to the same information.

Have fun with this and remember, search engines don't like spam tactics and neither do your visitors, so play safe and stick to the rules!

Best of luck to you!

Read more of Martins articles online here:

Sabtu, 09 Januari 2010

Web Site Promotion - 6 Key Press Release Facts - Short Version

By Anne Marie Baugh

6 Important Facts To Remember:

(1) Target The Correct Publications - Resist the urge to blast your press release out to thousands of publications, most of who will not be interested. Most likely this technique will annoy them. Instead, target the publications that will be most interested in your press release.

(2) Send A Personalized Letter - Send a letter directly to the correct editor of the publications you have selected. Don't be afraid to call and confirm the editor's name. Then send the press release with the cover letter and follow up with a friendly, non-pushy phone call.

(3) Create A Press Kit - Create press kit that defines all of your successes and achievements. Include a bio, press releases, and clips.

(4) Don't Limit Yourself To Online Ezines and Newsletters - Plenty of valuable newsletters still exist in print, hard copy form. Target these editors as well. Many are hungry for content.

(5) Get Yourself In Front Of An Audience - Don't forget the real world! Find opportunities to speak to your target audience. Many professional organizations are looking for free speakers. Take these opportunities and run with them.

(6) Pitch Like A Pro! - Sometimes the best approach to the media is a simple pitch. Forget the press release and all the elegant literature. Make a phone call and pitch your story. It's often the most effective approach.

Jumat, 08 Januari 2010

An Easy Promotion Tool with Big Rewards

If you operate or own a website, then you know that you have to promote both on and off the web. You have to incorporate these two factors in order to be fully successful with an E-commerce business. I have talked with a few large Internet retailers that gave me an insight into their marketing on the web. When I was told, it all made sense and I had to implement it with my clients.

We all know that Ebay is the number one auction market place on the Internet today. Millions of dollars are spent each week on this web portal and it continues to grow each day! I am not going to tell you to open up a store and start selling your whole product line to Ebay buyers because that would be costly with little to no profit.

What I am going to tell you is to put a few top sellers in an auction, either fixed or auction type. This is to gain a large amount of viewers since the product is "hot" and they will want to purchase it. The key to this ploy is to put links on your auction site that direct viewers to your site that carries your whole product line. When this happens correctly your traffic will Explode and with all targeted viewers. You might not be making much money with the Ebay items that sell, but if you do it correctly the profit you make from these targeted viewers will far outweight the small profit margins. Give it a try because their is nothing to lose and you will be happy with the results.

Kamis, 07 Januari 2010

Promote Your Web Site Fast & Inexpensively

Don’t expect that your site will grow automatically. The old saying of build it and they will come does not ring true online. Here are some tips on promoting your web site fast and inexpensively.

There are a variety of ways to promote your web site. Blogs, direct links, advertising and search engine submission. Blogs are great ways to provide viewers to come visit your site. Many people create blogs just to promote their web site. Blogs can also be pinged so that spiders will visit your site and hopefully rank your web pages in their search engine index.

Links are also a great way to promote your web site. You can swap links with other sites that viewers might find interesting. You can also create one way links on articles and submit these articles to be used on other web sites. These articles are great advertisements for people to see and check out your site.

Advertising is always a great way to promote your site. You can promote your keywords at Google Adwords or on a site that already has good traffic. No matter what kind of budget you have, you can find advertising that can work for you. Lastly, you can submit your sites to the search engines. If the search engines rank your site high in their indexes, you are almost guaranteed daily visitors. So follow the above tips to promote your web site fast and inexpensively.

More information can be found at http://www.advertising-00.com and http://www.marketing-00.info

Rabu, 06 Januari 2010

Best online directories

Is well known that above all DMOZ directory is the best online directory. DMOZ, also known as The Open Directory Project (ODP), is a large, categorized directory of websites and pages, which is staffed by volunteers. Every website and page that is added to the directory has to be manually reviewed before it is included. Being listed in the directory is free.

But when you try to list your site in DMOZ you are in trouble. After you add your site an editor will approved it ... or not. And this can take months, even years.

So what is the solution ?
A good alternative until your site is listed to DMOZ is to submit your site to online free web directories. Submitting site to online free web directories will fast increase your PageRank. PageRank is an integral part of Google's ranking algorithm, and higher PageRank helps towards higher rankings. The PageRank within a website is increased by pages from other sites linking to it, and the higher the PageRank of the pages that link to it, the better it is for the receiving site.

When submitting a site to online free web directories, always take time to find the right category for it. Don't be tempted to submit it to a category that is higher up the tree than it belongs, because it won't be accepted there and, doing so, could cause unnecessary, self-induced delays.

Selasa, 05 Januari 2010

Great News into Link Popularity

When it comes to Link popularity and its relevance into getting better traffic, we all know that it is a necessary thing. Link popularity is one of the ways that search engines like google and yahoo give your site better rankings. You can search through different sites advertising about link popularity that say they can increase it overnight with thousands of links directing to your site.

Let me tell you something, this is a bad decision to make if you are thinking about any of these services. I have experience in this field and thousands of links are not going to help your site out any!

One of the best ways to approach link popularity is to think about the relevance of your site to one you would like to link to. It is better for you to have a small amount of links to your site than having a large amount if the relevance is high! The higher the relevance, the less links you need to have to increase your popularity. Google and Yahoo do not only look at the amount of links, but the quality of links. The better quality, the better positioning and page rank. So do yourself a favor and work on getting your links on quality relevant websites and you will reap the rewards of doing this right!

Senin, 04 Januari 2010

Software development services UK

In Software development services we use technologies like PHP, ASP and ASP.Net 2.0 to develop an impelling user interface, and software like MySQL, MS SQL Server 2005, Oracle, etc. to manage tailor-made database for a website's back-end operations. The integration of these web applications rakes in better prospects for online businesses.

We have a lot of experience in the field of software development. No matter which industry you are in, we can create customized software that will meet your specific requirements.

We understand that custom Web application development is not a one-off task. These will need minimum maintenance/support and generate business value, so that we remain your partner of choice for custom Web applications development and smart business.

click for more information or visit http://www.webpromotionx.com/related-links/software_development.asp

Minggu, 03 Januari 2010

Link Bidding

Pick Directory is an easy way to bid on links. Pick Directory is a highly promoted bidding web directory. Our link directory displays links alphabetically, and lets you bid your way to the top of the list. With a starting bid of $1, you are guaranteed a spot in our directory!

Increase your bid to take a top position, and not only will your link list higher in the directory, but you could join our Top 10 Link Leaders on the homepage.

Why Buy Links?

Links get results. Link popularity is one of the most important factors in search engine performance.

Increasing the number of links to your Web site can get your site listed higher in search engine results, bring more visitors to your site, increase your Google PageRank and improve your site's overall strength.

For only $1 you can buy a link and get listed now. Your site will thank you!

Sabtu, 02 Januari 2010


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