Senin, 17 Mei 2010

Spreading A Secret Promotion That Infects The Internet

The internet is loaded with unique and interesting information, ideas, suggestions, and promotional gigs. All of the stuff you can find on the internet is fine and dandy, but does it really meet the need of putting cash into your pockets? Some are good, others are better, some spread wildly infecting everyone it touches. Sound familiar? Maybe it doesn't, or maybe it does? Puzzling, as infections spread they wreak havoc on every one it touches. Infections effect how you live, where you live, and so on.

Free E-Books

Viral promotions do the same thing to your business, only in a positive way. You create a situation so that you can infect as many people as possible. Devising and creating schemes to lure your reader into your snare, and than wrapping them up into you viral spiral. Some promote free ebooks.

Free E-Books and Re sale Rights

You create and compile free ebooks that give your victims large amounts of compelling, and highly useful information. Your victims are compelled to remember your business and name from the satisfaction they have received from the virus you have infected them with. Your victims spread your virus by using your e-book to give to others. Your victims want their brand on the e-book; you can offer them re-sale rights giving them permission to pass the virus onto their victims.

Free Newsletter

The virus you have created requires continuous feeding of knowledge to your infected victims motivated. Offer them another source of compelling, and highly useful information by devising a free newsletter and continue to feed your virus.

Articles Archive page

Allow your victims to feed at their own will by creating a repository of compelling information articles archive for you victims to fester further your virus. Give them permission to spread this information to other victims freely.

Affiliate Program

Allow your victims to share in the fruits of your virus by devising an Affiliate Program and allow them to join your affiliate program. Devise schemes, and tantalize your victims to spread your virus for you.

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