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10 step to publish your books

Learn how to publish your novel, poetry, memoir, how-to book, children books.

1) The first thing you need is book publish software
>> Every day, more graphics professionals, publishers, and print service providers are discovering that Adobe InDesign is a leap forward in page layout software. Get more information on the benefits of switching from QuarkXPress and Adobe PageMaker, as well as resources to aid you in making a smooth transition to InDesign.

>> The first thing to get straight when evaluating QuarkXPress 7 is that with three million registered users worldwide, Quark is more focused on keeping existing customers happy than on converting Adobe InDesign users to QuarkXPress. While many people have switched to InDesign, many more have stayed with QuarkXPress, just biding their time. The newly released QuarkXPress 7 is what they've been waiting for.
After you get the layout software, you can write your story and insert your pictures , add your graphics and element.

2) Picture resolution

the picture or illustration of your book need high resolution.e.g : 3” x 3” image in your page layout need around 4.4 mb
e.g: dscn8461 270,230KB photoshop image
dscf3326 113KB jpeg
make sure that you are using photoshop format or tif format, you can see the DSCN8461 is 27mb, good for A5 size image. The DSCF3326 is just a 113K jpg which can do nothing for your book.

If you are scanning image by scanner , pls remember that you select tif format and using 350 x 350 dpi ( 1:1 )

PSD = photoshop file
Tif = tiff file
Jpg = jpeg file

My name is Jacky, feel free to email me if you have any question.


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