Minggu, 02 Mei 2010

A Little Something Extra For Your Clients

As a writer, editor, web designer, forum maven, etc. [boy, I sound multi-talented!] I try to give my clients a/k/a customers a little something extra whenever or wherever possible. No, not so that they take advantage of my kindness, rather to show that I go the extra mile for them. Hey, it is a competitive market out there and I don't want to grow complacent!

So, exactly what am I talking about? Blogs. That's right, I enjoy blogging so much that I have decided to include a "blog option" as part of my web package for clients [new and existing] who want one during 2006. It doesn't cost me any money for the software, but it will cost me approximately one hour's time to set up each blog.

How about you? Are you expanding your offerings or are you standing in place? Is there something extra/special which you can offer to your clients at no cost to them?

If you are thinking of short term gains then you are missing my point. Invest in your clients and they will return the favor to you in the form of loyalty and increased exposure: happy clients tell other clients of their good fortune, which is you and what you offer to them -- top notch service!

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