Rabu, 07 Juli 2010

Why Pay for Website Submission Services?

For new internet marketers, your immediate goal is to get your website into as many search engines as possible. These services can charge a tremendous amount of money and require recurring monthly service fees. Very tempting to new internet marketers with all the hype “Instantly submit your websites to 1000’s of websites” and “Get Your Website Listed in 24 hours.” Stop! Let me show you a few ideas, so you can achieve the same success and save yourself some money better spent on pay per click campaigns.

Its true many services can submit your website to over 1000’s of websites. According to various online statistics: Google, MSN, and Yahoo provide nearly 90% of all Search Engine Traffic. First and foremost, if 90% of the Search Engine Traffic comes from only these major search engines, I want to focus on these just these three. But if you are so determined to submit to as many websites as you, these same services are available free online, a simple search for Free Website Submission will provide you with many opportunities to submit your website for free and the major search engines all offer free website submissions.

Wait! Any Search Engine Optimization Expert will tell you, “NEVER submit your website to the Search Engines!” So, how do I get my website listed?

Accordingly to recent online information any website that has a Google Page Rank 7 or above will get your website listed in 24 hours, or Page Rank 5 or 6 in 48 hours. Most of these services that offer a 24 hours Listing already have websites that have PR5 or above and simply temporarily add your link so that your website can be quickly crawled by the search engines for a nice fee.

So, how can I get my website listed in the major search engines in 24 hours?

First start submitting your website to several SEO Friendly Directories such as http://info.vilesilencer.com/main.php?rock=seo-friendly-list.php - Which offers over 150 Free SEO Friendly directories in a list to submit your websites to of various Page Ranks.

After submitting to all the above directory listings your website will begin to appear in the next 24 – 48 hours. Search Engines will be crawling these websites daily, and once your website link is posted it will soon crawl your website and be included in their index.

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