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Three-Way Link Exchange

Website promotion is getting easier everyday because of the many methods you can do to advertise sites. One new strategy is what we call three-way link exchange. Asking a webmaster to trade links with you, or also known as two-way link exchange, is now common to most people. But this new strategy that we’re talking about is not yet used by many. Let us first review some common terms and its definitions.

Two-Way Link Exchange (or simply called as link-exchange) is simply looking for other sites that is somehow related to your website and ask its webmaster to place link from their website to yours and in return, you will do the same. This is now done by almost all of the webmasters in the world. This means increase of inbound links plus of course helping your site visitor to look for other sites, which might be helpful to them.

Three-Way Link Exchange is somehow similar to two-way link exchange but the difference is instead of putting a link to another site on your own site, you will place its link on the other site you have. Sounds complicated? Let me discuss it furthermore.

Three-Way link exchange is a cultivated term not a generic term. This term is used in case when more than two pages are involved in linking. It means that Page A is linking to Page B and Page B is linking to Page C. But Page B is not linking to Page A and Page C is not linking to Page B.

This is usually done when you own two websites. One website has already many back links and page rank and the other one don’t have many back links and/or don’t have page rank. You put a link to another site on the website that has already many back links and/or page rank and in return, your link exchange partner will put a link of your site that doesn’t have any page rank yet.

This type of link exchange is best done when you have a new website and you want to have a good page rank as soon as possible. Of course, that still depends if your link exchange partner has established a good page rank already. So be sure to choose a good and well optimized website before you ask to trade links with its webmasters.

Some webmasters are also using Four Way Link Building methods, however, this is not yet advisable since it’s already complicated and it’s already hard to keep track of your inbound links and link exchange partners. So in the meantime, be free to use the common link exchange strategies since it’s already tested.

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