Jumat, 16 Juli 2010

Three Simple Things To Do To Get Traffic

When I first set out to quit my job and make money online it seemed like a very big task. Everything out there tells you how easy it is. They tell you how much money you can make in a month, or a week, or even a day depending on what you're looking at.

The money won't just fall into your lap, but I can tell you what you can do to make the steps to getting there much, much easier. I'll skip the part of long hours, time put in, how you seem to think about it even when you'd think yourself "off work" and the like, as you probably are already familiar with that stuff before you even thought of trying an online business.

First, KNOW exactly what you want to sell and/or what service you want to do. This will save you lots of time just in trying to make your website or sales page correct. The rest of your website will make sense around it as well and your web page will look and feel complete. You need to know as specifically as possible what goods or services you're offering. A subject that is too broad will not only make your site hard to find, but hard to update and keep track of as well.

Second, is get familiar with Search Engine Optimization(SEO), even with a finished site and a product ready to go, if noone can find your site you won't sell anything or get no visitors. You don't need to know it in the expert sense, but you should know what aspects search engines look for and adjust your website accordingly. Research the keywords and phrases common to your website's topic to find what people are searching for to properly optimize your page for the right traffic you want to go to your website.

Third, promote your site in as many different ways that you can think of. While it's not normally recommended to directly submit your website to the biggest search engines, taking out a few seconds to do it can't hurt. You can do so many things to promote a webiste, and as you work with one way, you'll often discover another way to get the word of your site around. From posting on forums to email advertising to Google Adwords, try and do as much as you can. Not every person surfing online will use the one or two ways you started promoting your site and may not see it. Get your hands dirty and experiment with as many as you can to give your site it's best chance of being seen.

This will hopefully help tweak and refine your site so when you follow the steps after it visitors will see what they were looking for and keep coming back or buy from you.

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