Minggu, 12 September 2010

Color printing a notch higher

If you want to take your color printing into the next level, you may want to put it in your site or in any other form of getting people to read them. It cannot be denied though that there are some things people love and hate to see, whether offline or online, in the printing mediums that other people, companies and businesses use.

Take, for example, in some web sites. When flashes first came into existence, web site owners wanted to have a piece of the action. Who doesn’t? See, that is trend and trends are supposed to be followed.

There are those who use flashes for the sake of flash. Meaning there is really no logical reasoning why they use it in the first place. As long as they are using the trend, they could not care less if it is irritating or does not serve any good purpose at all.

The more effective flashes can get the attention of the readers. Makes browsing more fun too if you want to take a bit of their focus away from the usual flow of boring information. What flash users do not know is that they can make browsing very hard, takes too long to open and a constant source of irritation. Know and visit your flash.

People, on the other hand, loves drop shadows on printed materials. Someone a plain logo or design is given depth if drop shadows are put into them. That is mainly the main purpose of these shadows. Gives the readers something to wonder about too.

If you are in the process of designing a logo or a graphic design, think about this. Putting the perfect colors into them does not make them any different from others who already have done that same thing. Getting it printed in a nice paper stock is common too.

Try drop shadows. It cannot be denied that when you see shadows, you tend to think more about its use and can even begin wondering why it is used in the first place. One thing you will notice is that it can add some zest to the picture. Makes plain more exciting.

Flashes and drop shadows may be two different things not only in terms of the mediums they are used upon. What do they have in common? They both appeal to the emotions of the readers.

Love and hate. Two contradicting descriptions but emotions nonetheless.

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