Kamis, 05 Agustus 2010

The fastest way to build your list

Online, buyers don’t often buy the first time. On the Internet, first impressions are not lasting. You need to keep a list so that you can sell to your customers. Like Gary North said, “There is a reason why most sites are not making any money. They violate this fundamental law of marketing: it takes more than one contact to generate a sale.” It has been proven that more than 70% of sales are made after the third, fourth or fifth contact. Hence your site should have an Autoresponder.

Autoresponder is a script that you place on your site where visitors can sign in their names and emails. It stores it for you and even delivers message you want to the list, any time, any day. Forrester Research said autoresponders are the greatest marketing invention ever created for the Internet.

People run into millions of sites daily, they will forget yours easily. So you have to collect their name and email address so that you can communicate with them regularly. Site visitors need to be turned into regular visitors and directed to other sites or products over time. The list is where the money is. Make people sign up for your newsletter, free download, or free course. Sign up people into your list which entitles them to discounts, freebies and you can finally lock them in as faithful customers.

Online, you don’t make money on ticket sales, but when you give people a free class, get them into the door first, you can then sell to them later. But building a list of 10,000 loyal subscribers is not easy—almost impossible for most sites. Those days it is easy to build a list. Today how do you get the people to your site in the first place so that they can sign up? Even if you force them to sign up, probably because you are giving them freebies, they don’t want your follow up. People usually use phony email address to sign up for free stuffs. Perhaps you have an e-book and they want it. They will sign up and download it, then unsubscribe, or report you it as spam, and block your mail from coming in.

Paypal did not force people to sign up with them. They have over 50 million accounts and transact about $70 million per day. Yahoo and other big site have loyal subscribes because the offer quality service and they don’t abuse the privilege.

Most webmaster manage to build a list of 3000 people and they send ads to them every week trying to sell but all these just annoy people as they unsubscribe. When people sign up, don’t flood them with emails or ads. Do it once in a while i.e. weekly or monthly. You must give quality information that your target audience will find of great value. Download "Evil ways of making money--what the rich won't tell you" free at http://oxcheck.com and learn how to introduce survival tactics into your business.

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